Dilemma of Voting

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysia


During my visit to Kuala Lumpur last week, I bunked at my cousin’s place where he, his wife and another younger cousin of mine lives in Damansara area. As my cousins work together, I also get to see another one of my cousins who frequents his house on a daily basis. It was definitely good to catch up as I barely do spend time with this cousin. Little did I know that a little birdie has been filling them up on what I have been up to. I was rather shocked when all of them told me that they had visited my blog but what came after that comment was hard to stomach and cause me to worry.

Both of my cousin work in the Events+PR industry, one with a background in Sales and the other in PR+Journalism thus their experiences vary in different degrees as compared to me as I’m just taking baby steps in my life..comparatively anyway. They told me that my blog could put me in hot soup, the words I chose to use, the title of my blog in fact could put me on the chopping board. ( rebel,reformasi etc)They said the government could use me to teach a lesson to all those upcoming and young-ones who think they can go against the current stream of thought. It kindda send shivers down my spin for I felt that I had been very careful with my wordings, to this point I do not think I have accused anyone without solid proof rather I think I have just belted out what my thoughts were on the issue, questioning why things were the way they were. I admit I could word what I say in a better manner, but I’m still getting the hang of it, learning how to say and speak the truth with less risks so to speak…

He asked me why I bothered to blog, would it make a difference. How many people blog? Do you think the government cares? I got bombared with all sort of questions. As I answered he questioned every action, every thing I believed in. The climax of the discussion I belief happened when he said how are you going to affect change? Are you going to become a politician? I asked him, is politic the only way? He said it either that or taking over..mutiny so to speak…Is that all there is left to affect change..? That sucks!He liken bloggers to a stone that is dropped in the bucket of water, he said that bloggers were the ripples of water that were an effect of the stone being dropped. I was rather amused with his analogy of bloggers+blogging etc. Of course towards the end of the discussion, the question of voting came up. As probably all of you should know, I DO NOT VOTE, HAVE NEVER VOTED! I can somehow hear sarcastic comments, horrifying stares and disappointment coming from a lot of you. Well, I have never felt the reason to vote up till that day I spoke to my cousin. Previously, especially of late a lot of them have pestered, scolded me, insulted me etc concerning this issue. But besides comments like “If you do not vote, you have no say”, “If you do not vote, you do not deserve to have an opinion”, “if you do not vote, you are useless”, “if you do not vote, you are a waste of time” are among the many comments I’d have to stomach especially since I have gone public with the fact that I do not vote. No worries, such comments doesn’t hurt me but makes me THINK!

But has these comment made me want to vote? The answer is “NO”. None of this people commented or told me something that I found could make me want to change my mind. All they muttered is you don’t deserve to say anything as you not vote and walk away like I’m cursed or something!My cousin and I spoke at length, I find it him to be quite an intelligent man so much so that at times I can hardly keep up! He told me that no matter what I say it cannot translate to change or action as I do not vote, I argued with him over the issue of my voting not counting as it was not transparent etc but he told me that it wasn’t possible for them to squash all votes. He told me how is by not voting you are causing change?Does anyone know you are not voting as you are taking a stand? You think people, the government care? He told me that all over the world people cherish their rights to vote as for them its a privilege, in some countries women are not even worthy of getting to vote, here you are given the privilege and you do not vote. Sigh, it did make me feel a bit useless but still I had my point, I had my reasons. But he just said this one simple sentence”Do you lose anything by voting?”. Hmm, I guess when you come to think of it I do not really lose anything by voting, so heck why not give it a try. Try to muster some of the enthusiasm I once had waiting in anticipation for the rightful age so that I could vote which was sadly taken away by my sense of hopelessness towards the system once I did reach legal age. I guess time is running out for me to think. I could perhaps register as a voter and then later decide upon voting or not. But I guess I need to take a stand. How else am I going to translate my thoughts and words into action? I’m certainly not intending to join politics, so what other path can I seek?

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  1. kfchan says:

    I remember I voted for BN during last election. Why? Because I wanted to punish the opposition for siding with PAS.

    I realised now that even though I do not agree with PAS ideology, having a corrupt government who kept talking about justice but action unjustly all the time is MUCH WORST.

    I’ll be wiser with my vote on the upcoming election. You can be sure of that.

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