Blatant Denial by our PM on our 50th

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Malaysia

Our PM said today…….

“The struggle is for all Malaysians. We must ensure that no region or community is left behind. We will hold true to the concept of justice and fairness for all citizens,” he said in his speech that was constantly interspersed with the shouts of “Merdeka!” from him and the crowd, which also consisted of Barisan Nasional youth members.

He said the Government would always adhere to the power-sharing concept, which placed emphasis on consultation and consensus.

(Source:The Star)

Hhahahahahaha….Justice? Fairness? For all citizens? We adhere to power-sharing concept? I wonder what it must be like to imagine such concepts……….to be in denial……………….to have systems that contradict to the concept of justice, fairness for all…let alone the power-sharing concept……Malaysia you have a lot to learn…….first step is to admit that there is a contradiction that lies within this concepts that we are claim to uphold………first step to any problem no matter how big or small is admitting that there is a problem. How are we to go beyond that when denial is the only thing we see day in and day out……..Sigh…Oh Malaysia, 50 years and still going yet we can’t see. Open your eyes……..

  1. ghostline says:

    I could have summarised Pak Blah’s entire speech in one sentence, drawn out for dramatic effect:

    ” I . am . a . hy-po-crite!”

  2. melayu says:

    Firstly this is suppose to be a comment section rather than an article commentary for you Mr.Rahim if that is truly your name?….

    Sepatutnya rakyat Malaysia yang sudah lima puluh tahun merdeka sudah faham banyak perkara mengenai Perlembagaan tanah air, terutama tentang hak istimewa orang Melayu. Sepatutnya rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu berkelahi mengenai perkara itu. Pemimpin-pemimpin Negara yang mahu membina Negara majnuk harus menerap pengertian yang positif terhadap peruntukan Perlembagaan…….
    this articles continues to ramble on for one page or more but I find it irrelevant and not appropriate

    Firstly I think it highly inappropriate for you to spam my blog with your ramblings that I believe incites seeds of racism and seeks to divide Malaysians.I feel very sad that people like you still continue to poison people’s mind. If you want to take about special rights.privileges etc….i definitely have my reservations for I feel is unfair for a nation to subject its people to inequality within its own nation but if you really want to talk about special rights…fine..Malaysia can have special rights..I agree 100% but please do give this rights to those who need it..regardless of race

    I have a lot of friends and even family that are Malay but none are like you…I’m glad..for if we have more like you I shudder to think the state of Malaysia….

    A note to Malaysian-Thank you my fellow Malaysians I’m so glad that people like this are but a minority gives me hope for a better Malaysia.

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