Blogger Summoned by Multimedia Commission

Posted: August 30, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysian Blogosphere, Personal ramblings

According to <“Rocky”> Sheih or fondly known as<“Kickdefella”>has been summoned to record his statement pertaining the case of the doctored pictures that created an uproar as it doctored the picture of Najib, our DPM, Razak Baginda(the accused) and Altantunya (the Mongolian national who is the victim of a murder). Tian Chua, an opposition politician is deemed responsible for the digitally doctored pictures that appeared some months back and we assume that Sheih has been called as he apparently put a watermark stating FAKE on the doctored pictures but I do not see the relevance of how Sheih can help in either the defense or vice versa as he just modified the picture further to validate that it is indeed fake. Hopefully they will not try to accuse of him of anything…..With the current administration, there is no telling what can happen, how action will be taken or even for what reason… Rocky says that there will be some people, I assume bloggers that will be there to see what’s really happening as Sheih goes to the Multimedia Commission. I have not reported on this issue but have heard of it a million times and in my opinion Tian Chua’s action is in bad taste, of course we all know its a mockery but you know how it is………..Good luck anyhow to everyone. We have some sort of freedom but we should be very careful towards how we use it or we will be just like them……

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