“NICE” Experience

Posted: August 29, 2007 in Food, Personal ramblings, Society


Courtesy of Plusliner.com

Being the intelligent person I am, I conveniently forgot to book my tickets early, knowing very well that I needed to be in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 25 th August. Soon I was told that it would be impossible to get any tickets seeing that it was the end of the school holidays. I guess it would be accurate to say I freaked out! I couldn’t not miss the “Bangsa Malaysia” gathering and the unveiling of All Blogs could I? So the next best options was to call up the more “posh” bus services that possibly still had tickets due to their exorbitant prices. I really had to dig into my pockets to purchase this ticket= thanks to my stupidity.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise?

Anyway the ride was quite pleasant, quite safe I would say with a short stop for a toilet break before reaching our destination. Drinks and food was served. Upon request blankets were also given to passengers that required it. For dinner, Smoked Ham Sandwich and mineral water was served. Later on, around 30-40 minutes before arriving passengers were given the choice of coffee or tea. Surely a whole new experience for me as I did not sleep the whole way amazed that there was such a service on land! I was also quite pre-occupied watching “Internal Affairs”, I have no idea why there is no sound though for I can’t hear a thing but might as well I guess since I did not really understand Mandarin all that well. As buses having been crashing all over the place,with news of bus drivers being drug addicts etc the police were all around and on the way they stopped us. They not only checked the drivers license and documents but also the passengers IC. I felt like a criminal. Hhahah.I tried to take a picture quietly, I know how police can react to cameras through past experience, so this is what I got;


I was too taken by the whole new experience that I did not really take the time to document in terms of pictures and all but I was in a way luck enough to do so on the way back. Wondering why I decided to take a bus back on NICE again? Well, I guess I never learn! I didn’t get tickets to get back to Penang and when I wanted to leave, all tickets were sold out when I called on Sunday afternoon, so I had to bunk with a friend and settle for a morning bus ride with NICE once again. This time I managed to even take photos of the food, the steward etc.

When I reached the Old KTM building to board the bus, I was told that the bus was delayed and was directed to a lounge on the ground floor (the first floor is the ticket counter). I then found a place and took my seat as I looked around I noticed a board which highlighted the arrivals and departures complete with the timings and spotted my bus with the sign-delayed. From 11.00 am point of departure it was delayed till 11.30am probably due to the closure of road around that area, I myself had made in on the dot, had the bus been on time I would have barely made it. A man soon approached me and asked me whether I would like tea or coffee, I was rather surprised and say “NO”. I just wanted to get on the bus. I saw him serving other passengers that were in transit(cheewah!) with coffee/tea and “kuih-muih”. There magazines and newspapers at passengers disposal. Soon after, the bus arrived and we left at 11.3oam. Much later on in the journey we were given Justea the box drink. Followed up with a meal of spaghetti….


Inside Nice Express:Hafiz@steward serving passengers Spaghetti

The steward was wearing sun glasses as you can see in the picture, why I have no idea?Maybe it was really bright in his eyes! Hhahhaha… Anyway the meal was good and I had the company of an elderly woman probably in her 60s , Aunt Majorie who was from Penang. She was aware of the Namewee case and we spoke at length about it,she had not seen the video but from the mainstream newspapers she concluded that perhaps it wasn’t the best way to go about it but he shouldn’t be penalized to such an extent. (I’ve got a very bad habit of asking people what they think of current events-total strangers mind you- the trip down- I harassed the bus driver himself)


Meal on Board NICE

Hmm….the meal was good, the passengers pleasant, enough of leg room, comfortable seats…But was the NICE experience worth the RM57.90?? At such an exorbitant price despite the comfortable journey, the price of NICE is not average and not everyone can enjoy such a service. How much can one possible fork out for a bus ride? I don’t mind the Konsortium buses, they are quite reliable but at times like to stop at shoddy areas for toilet/meal breaks for long periods of time that irritate me. I hate PUDU area as it is so dingy and stopping at Old KTM building is definitely a breath of fresh air. I shall attempt to board buses of similar service and compare which is better as I will be frequenting KL in the next few weeks.

Will I take NICE again? Possibly if I have the means….by otherwise it will just be the regular ole’ buses.

If I were to rate NICE…

not based on price they would probably get a 8.5/10

based on price 6/10


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