Making of “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia”

Posted: August 28, 2007 in Event, Freedom of Expression, Malaysian Blogosphere, Society

Left Penang on Friday evening to reach KL that night at the Old KTM Station in Kuala Lumpur for the Bangsa Malaysia event that was scheduled to be held the following day with a forum, followed-up with a get-together later at night. I had been waited in anticipation for this event since I had heard of this event and when Friday finally came and I boarded my bus to come to Kuala Lumpur I was excited. I had no idea what to expect! Here I was coming all the way from the North to the Central for an event to meet people I did not know, not a soul. Being quite a newbie to the whole blogging arena(active one anyway), I hardly knew anyone there except for Zorro Unmasked and Shanghai Fish that I met a week earlier while I was down in KL for some media night at the National Press Club.

So when my cousin dropped me off at the Blog House, I was excited but at the same time weary of how things would take place. How would it really be once I was there, I wondered? It’s like being thrown in the unknown, the unfamiliar… There was quite a number of people when I reached, registered and all and went and sat down quietly. I’ m not a great fans of forums, I find them most of the time a waste of time as they do not impact me in any manner whereby most often that not the speaker just loves the sound of his or her’s own voice. To my amazement I felt so engrossed in the forum, the careful choosing of the speakers reflected a diverse background of people whom related their say on Bangsa Malaysia. Each speaker not only spoke well but I felt manage to hold the audience captive and engaged with the forum. I a person who rarely can hold attention for a long period of time surprisingly felt so captivated, so engrossed with what they had to say. It was my first time seeing most of the speakers except for Zorro Unmasked which I met prior to that. The speakers that day besides Zorro was Malik Imtiaz, Azmi Shahrom, Zaid, Jayanath and not to forget Rocky Bru who introduced us to Usman Awang poem entitled Untuk Malaya Merdeka and “Tanah Air” (Menjelang Merdeka) which was both recited one during the forum and the other later on.

As every Malaysian event, there was food! The food was glorious no doubt, I manage to get a bit later on at night as prior to that I was too engrossed to move even for food. I was trying to get the nerve to go up to people I did not know and attempt to talk to them which thankfully I did. I was privileged enough to meet many bloggers and some blog readers. I was surprised that some of them had even heard of my blog..hahaha…Earlier to coming there I had been warned, cautioned by my cousin of the implications of my blog which I felt was harmless and told that this event might cause some trouble and get me into hot soup. But I didn’t feel threatened even when the POLIS cars started passing the Blog House and ended up trying to take pictures of their patrol cars ( I wasn’t alone in my quest and Sabrina+Priscilla were determined to get the pictures!)

Watching out for us bloggers or watching us?


Anyway the event went quite well, I shall not go on further into what was said but perhaps relate a few quotes from the speakers that I liked and felt was just ‘perfect’.

Zorro Unmasked related a quote from Tunku

“Marilah Kita Hidup Atau Mati”- Tunku (Let’s live or die in true spirit of a patriot- so well phrased!)


Zahid said;

“We can’t live together if we think our ideas are better than others”( I totally agree ethnocentrism brings us nowhere!)

“Barisan has to change” (Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!)



While..Jayanath related to us the important of how we view and transcend categories of being Malaysians. He related to us a story about how he was in Harong Bay,Vietnam where he met some Chinese boys from Malaysia that recognized him within a group of Indian, Sri Lankan nationals that truly shown how much we can identify which other as Malaysian, if only we were always in that mode, eh? He also told us of the plight of Dato Onn Jaafar on his vision for a Bangsa Malayan then, well this concept perhaps has been suggested through different names, is not something new but something that needed and wanted to be achieve 50 years ago or perhaps even longer and till know we are struggling to achieve it but I do belief that we will succeed slowly but surely.

I can’t quite recall who said this but is was probably one of the speakers;

“Before we change others, we have to change ourselves” (How true eh?)

“It is not a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban ….other tribes/races problem but it is a Malaysian problem”

“We are but a speck of dust in the universe, so we shouldn’t be fighting with each other”- Jayanath

Malik truly astounded me with his eloquent way of not merely speaking but reaching out to the audience…he said that that there lies differences in political currency in Malaysia, there was a need for critical analysis, de-emphasis on race & religion among others..We have to teach them a lesson,it time to reclaim democracy, it’s our future he said, we have no choice….

Rocky Bru and Azmi made a twist to the way things were presented with their own versions of how and what they felt about Bangsa Malaysia. Rocky chose some people from the audience that recited the “Untuk Malaya Merdeka”, one of them was one of the youngest blogger, Aishah (11 years old-amazing eh?) , Jeff Ooi…


Once the gathering part of the event took there was a lot of singing, poem recitals etc that has been related through many other blogs thus I shall not re-peat them again here. Furthermore , I did not manage to stay till the end and missed out on the candlelight part of the evening. I wasn’t there for the later part of the evening and on of the last acts I saw was Walski singing and later SK being called-as I left the event. But according to other blogs, an announcement was made concerning the formation of Pelitar(Penyanyang Legasi dan Inspirasi Tunku Abdul Rahman) to carry the aspirations of Bangsa Malaysia that is reported to carry their aspiration to other venues for the awareness campaign (PG,Ipoh,JB)

click here to go to the Pelitar blogsite)Finally coming North, won’t have to take another bus then, thankfully!

Oh ya did I mention that All-Blogs was officiated, they chose the event location as the physical location for the association, below is the address;

66 Lorong Setiabistari 1 Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Who was I privileged to meet?

Zorro Unmasked (for the second time!:)

Shanghai Fish (for the second time!: you going to kena for calling me short..ehehhe)

A young lecturer from a public university (great to know they are still great educators out there who have the passion to reach out to the young-ones under them-so refreshing to get to know you!)
Two enthusiastic young people, Sabrina+ Priscilla -blog readers

Howsy ( You look so young+ innocent !!!! )

Malik Imtiaz (Brilliant….as I was told….right on the dot!)

Bang Malaysia( Thanks for coming and saying hi and glad you started blogginG!)

Whatalulu(wish I had more time to chat with time alright?)

Chong ( your such a sweet person!)

Rocky Bru( You looked so tired, was a little afraid to approach you:)

Jeff Ooi (You look so red! Lolz…it was a pleasure to get to know you 🙂

Mob (The creative man…in the flesh…………your so dam cool 🙂

Walski ( Your such a darling….🙂

Tony Yew (You so rajin man!!! Keep up the good work, nice to see someone so passionate about what they belief in!)

Marina Mahatir (barely had any time to catch up, was like hi & bye sorry for that…really was rushing..)

Nuraina A.Samad ( wasn’t formerly introduced to you, so I think it was you hehhee...)

Haris Ibrahim ( I do not have one particular word to describe meeting you, you are truly a role-model, simple person with such a great vision-thank you for bringing it alive!)

Azmi Shahrom ( you are so energetic!!!!Thank god for lecturers like you!!! There is still hope!

Nat (you like a bubble going to burst-so full of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I could meet you again!)

I must have met maybe more than 50 people so sorry if I didn’t not list your name here. But I’m just so glad to have been able to speak to all of you. It was truly amazing to put a face to the blog in some cases!!! Shall update on this event if time permits later on.

Blogs that related information on this event happenings;
Bangmalaysia, Nuraina, YB Jeff Ooi, Walski, SK Thew, Melvin Mah, Euphoria in Misery, Rajahram, Nocturnal Mind and Howsy,Aishah, Rocky, Big Dog and June-E.

P.s- Sadly I did not manage to meet SK and Tony Pua…As I left, SK arrived…Tried to approach Tony but poor guy was so busy, not a moment was he left alone ..lolz..for me to kacau next time…

Outcome of the Forum:Suggestions+Ideas+Conclusions


Click picture for clearer view :

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your two friends, Sabrina+Priscilla I believe. Seeing all of you young Bangsa Malaysia have renewed my hope of a better Malaysia and a better tomorrow. I understand your fears (about what we write in our blogs), but we need to make a stand at some juncture of our lives. If not us, who else would. I admire your courage and resolve and hope young bloggers like you, ghostline, howsy, Aishah, etc will take us through to the next generation – a Malaysia without hatred, prejudices and intolerance .

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