Bisikan Seorang Anak Malaysia?

Posted: August 28, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Society

As some of us fight and struggle to conceptualize and attain what it is to truly be Malaysian. We have to go through hurdle after hurdle that keeps pushing us two steps back as people continue to bring up and acknowledge nothing but the ugly side of everything. These people represent those who in my opinion do not see what it is to be a true Malaysian. So does Mr.Awang Selamat qualify to reflect a true Malaysian? Does he of all people whom has the right to influence and get the attention of the public truly reflects Malaysians?You be the judge…Look at his “Bisikan” from Utusan, some excerpts of it;

Setelah orang Melayu membuktikan pengorbanan dan banyak beralah untuk keharmonian masyarakat majmuk, mereka cuma mahu dibalas dengan pegangan kuat rakyat semua kaum kepada perlembagaan negara dan kontrak sosial”

Pada Awang, NGO(talking about HINDRAF) itu sudah melampau. Sedarkah mereka bahawa nasib kaum India di Malaysia jauh lebih baik berbanding negara lain termasuk di India sendiri”

“Awang cabar HINDRAF supaya berhijrah dan tinggal di negara lain, yang mereka fikir lebih baik”

Ingatan Awang, jangan sampai orang Melayu hilang sabar dan akhirnya memudaratkan semua pihak”

Dakwaan HINDRAF tentang isu kuil juga, sama sekali salah. Di negara inilah, terdapat begitu banyak kuil seolah-olah orang India merupakan kaum induk. Mahu apa lagi?”

*Awang* – Membara dalam diam.

With people like this in Malaysia, forever inciting and re-inforcing how better of they are than others, it will truly be a struggle to conceptualize Bangsa Malaysia. What is more depressing to know is that this man is the Editor of the Utusan, the man who leads the newspaper, the man who decides what sort of news that is reflected in his paper. Need I say more?

As it was said in the event last Saturday by a very smart and intelligent man;

“Marilah kita hidup atau mati” -Tunku

“We can’t live together if we think our ideas are better than others” -Zaid

Take your pick Mr.editor. There is no way out for Malaysian if we do not work together. People like you will only prove to set us down from our original goals, to sway us from being one. So please do check your priorities once again, ask yourself if you truly reflect being a Malaysian and quit asking all of us to leave the country, for we will I REPEAT we will stick around for we love Malaysia and no one, even you Mr.Editor can take that away from us. It not an issue of “us and them”stop dividing us, Mr.editor! We are of one nation, one people. Go and listen to Malaysia Berjaya Song.

  1. Rauff says:

    Sigh~ thats why i do not read the malay papers.

  2. moo_t says:

    If Malay don’t ditch utusan and armnor, the paper will lead their whole culture to doom. But hey, if typical Malays want to shuns their own dissidents and support utusan and corrupted armnor, should I care?

  3. Kavi says:

    this can get published in a newspapers and still NOT be recognised as inciting hate/disharmony among races… i wonder why…
    Democracy is going down the toilet, i say…
    oops, ISA knocking at me door!

  4. cherwith says:

    muahhaha…good one Kavi! Well, what can I say, “Malaysia, Truly Malaysia!”

  5. gr says:

    awang you are talking about hindraf?you have no right talk about hinddraf coz this NGO fight for the malaysian indian people who have been left out by the your humanitarian concern UMNO government .stop giving your point of view like being MR PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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