Switching to Syariah Law??

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Personal ramblings, Society

First came the massive hu-ha about what sort of country we were now they are thinking seriously of switching to Syariah Law gradually to replace English Common Law. So what happens to people like us who are non-Muslim”? How will this development affect us? I know nothing much about Syariah Law and I would say that I fear such a law to be implemented in the backdrop of a country like ours. How to feel like citizen of the country when our needs, desires,wants, fear are never taken into consideration by our government, this proposal is a clear example of how important we are to our country? I love my country but does my government love me and her people regardless of their race and religion, I have my doubts! Read <“Whatalulu”>posting for the news report on Syariah Law from one of the mainstream newspapers, she has her take and her line of defense as a reaction to this. What’s your take on this?

Sorry can’t really throw myself into this issue as much as I would like to as I’m leaving for K.L in about 2o minutes so one last short post before I board the bus for a tiresome journey to the central hub for the BangSA Malaysia celebrations tomorrow. See you there~ Will only be back online on Monday or Tuesday…

  1. a says:

    amenda nak ikut sariah law? bukan ke tu law orang arab? kenapa nak ikut pak arab? betul sangat ke perangai tok arab? ish ish ish

  2. OMG! says:

    When a woman gets raped, she has to produce four male witness, to prove that rape has taken place, otherwise she would be charged for adultery.

    A man’s testimony is worth two women’s in court.

    A woman gets half or less of what a man would get under inheritance laws.

    These and other just and fair laws are what we can expect.

    Dont forget self righteous officials bursting in your homes or hotel to protect your moraliy and the morals of the citizens of this country.

    Expect to get caned if you show your ankles.

    And maybe we should follow Saudi Arabia, and ban women from driving too.

    Expect this and many more. Learn about the danger to your rights. Wake up!

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