Pesky Rodents Spotted at QE2 Penang’s Latest Hotspot

Posted: August 23, 2007 in human rights, Personal ramblings, Society

Why do I chose use the word rodent you might wonder? Am I taking about some problems with pests, perhaps I should call the pest control people? But the problem lies with humans then can be liken to pesky rodents for like the small mammal that is defined as rodent, this humans have a large appetite of greed that resembles large gnawing incisor teeth that continues to grow throughout their lifetime similar to the rodents.

Well anyway QE2 opened about 2 weeks ago at the Church Street Pier in Penang (the ferry area). From the outside it looks like a cool and happening place. As I just returned from Kuala Lumpur and Perak a few days ago Navr wanted to take me out and so both of us and a couple of friends went for dinner at an Indian Restaurant that mind I say was horribly priced which I shall blog about in another posting. Anyway one of our friends told us about QE2 and said that it is rather happening and a nice place to chill so we headed over there to check the place out. Rumor has it that there is a cover charge, me being  a strong believer in not paying cover charge I was not pleased to go to QE2 but after my friend checked apparently they do not impose cover charge on weekdays. As we passed QE2 we saw a lot of guys probably in their early 20s to late 20s hanging about the cars with their little sling bags. Right away Navr and me knew that its probably those pesky rodents that we mostly find around Gurney, Batu Feringgi are. They have obviously found their way here because from the looks of it, this has become a huge hot spots thus creating a large avenue for this rodents to make a buck or two. Believe me there make a lot of money! Since we did not want to pay for the illegal parking we took a huge turn to the other side of the road and parked near the DSOP office, close to British Council area where I used to work. In the day parking is hell as parking rates can go up to RM5 -RM 8 per entry and up to RM100 or more for monthly parking (not covered), it was a very expensive area especially for Penang.

Sadly those pesky rodents followed us to the location of our parking spot and demanded RM3 from us for parking there. I refused to pay and told Navr not to give him a cent. I kindda got into a row with him, arguing with him over the issue. Navr suggested that we should park somewhere else while I refused and was adamant to park there. Why should I move, its a public car park and its 10 pm at night, why the hell should I pay him even a cent? Navr was afraid they would do something to the car. The guy then told me,  “You mau enjoy pergi sana kalau kena bayarlah, semua orang pun bayar kita. Kita jaga you punya keretalah tak payah risau”. I was quite irritated and asked him how he was going to take care of my car from sitting on his ass at a different location and why I should pay him since he has no authority to collect any money. He kindda pissed me off when he said I was going to enjoy to I should pay him! I work very hard for my money not to give this rodents any part of it. Such parasites!  He then told me that even the police didn’t mind and that they had a made an agreement and he was paying the police a certain amount of money for that area so it was justified that he collected the money from us and other people who parked within than area.

At this point I was fuming, as I was busy being angry my friend took out some money and was trying to negotiate with him the price. As if to make me feel better he told my friend, never mindlah your friend is so angry I will only charge you RM1 instead of RM3. Like as though it made me feel any better. Anyway we crossed the road and headed to QE2 only to see more pesky rodents as we entered the building. I was not satisfied with what had occurred and kept grumbling about corruption, the police and these pesky rodents that take charge of our roads and not only demand but intimidate the rakyat so much so that we are so afraid of them that we succumb to the pressure and let them continue to harass us.

What is the police doing about this illegal parking Jagas?Well I guess they are getting a hefty reward for allowing them to operate. What can be done? Do we have to fear and thus pay this people just because we are afraid they will scratch our car or worse still harm us? Will we not get rid of this pesky rodents in Penang?

  1. paul says:

    Great nick name for them!! I for one also do not pay them. These kind of people are really parasites and this kind of thing only and can only happen in this boleh land.

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