Karaikudi-Pg as Karat as Indian Food Could Be~~OvErated

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Food, Personal ramblings


As you walk in to Karaikudi, it greets you so pleasantly. Its lighting that decorates the glass panes that is adorn by figures of beautiful Indian women is sure pleasing to the eye. The wooden door with its stained glass is rather tasteful and inviting for a simple Indian restaurant in the heart of Marketstreet Penang. Known for his fabulous Indian food, Karikudi is a familiar name among those who love Indian cuisine. Recommended by many despite its pricey menu, it is said to be a worth-while option for dining Indian Cuisine in comfort.

So despite the pricey menu that would usually turn me off I thought why not? If they food is really good what is a few more bucks, after all what is important is not so much the price on the whole but the quality of the food. The interior the shop looks a little crowded (to maximized the space for more customers I presume) but the deco mostly is rather beautiful and the tables are all wood-based which I absolutely love! We each ordered our food and waited patiently for our orders to be completed and served. Being a more sort of fine dining kind of place compared to the other laid back Indian restaurants in the same area I expected the best.

One of the first dishes to come was the Garlic+Butter Nan, with a puny bowl of curry As Navr doesn’t take too kindly to spicy curries, we requested that they changed the curry with either kurma/sambar or even dhal so that Navr would not suffer and still enjoy his food.So Navr asked for dhal, the guy was rather confused, I know he was not Malaysian, probably Nepalese or something like that. Little while later, the dhal comes in a small bowl which apparently is of additional charge (RM 3), I was quite annoyed!


Dhal Curry Special Mutton

Next came my Chicken Beriyani, in a tiny brass bowl, it looked very cute but the bowl was rather small- I was not really bothered as I did not worry so much about the quantity rather the quality. The beriyani also came with a small dish of yoghurt based gravy and the same curry as above. It was sub-standard the beriyani..Nothing to shout about! Next came, the special mutton ordered by one of my friends, he expected it to come with some rice but sadly it didn’t (he was rather confused as the price was pretty high for the special mutton RM15 and it didn’t even come with a plate of rice???) He requested fro some rice that he thought would probably cost another dollar or two (he is from Indonesia thus not familiar with Indian food) but the rice ended up costing RM4.50.For Penang standards we were quite annoyed with the pricing that did not match the quantity. Usually a plate of mutton around that size would cost at most around 3.50-5.00 bucks. The mutton was no doubt tasty but sure ain’t worth RM15.

Our drinks all came soon after, we ordered Bru coffee which is an exquisite blend of brewed coffee which I love! When our drinks came we were rather shocked at the size of our cups. I could gulp down the contents at one-go!dsc00118.jpg dsc00124.jpg

They usually put that little cup into that flat based bowl like thing, that’s how they drink it in India I guess.Cool way of drinking but the size of the cup is so pathetic don’t ya think. Big time rip off. It cost RM2.00! Anywhere else would cost around RM1.50 or RM1.30 with a bigger mug! The picture on the right, shows my friend holding up two cups the bigger one is the one with water if they had given us the drink of bru in that cup it would still be ok but No..no..

I do not have the bill but once I scan it I shall upload it and you can see how absurd the pricing is… Overall I would say that I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the food, presentation of the food and of course the pricing. I can stomach expensive food providing its worth the price but sadly this is below par. I would rate Karaikudi 2/10, the 2 points given would be due to the deco for in terms of service, food presentation, pricing and quality they suffered badly! Well, I have blacklisted you Karikudi!You are a sad option for Indian food!

RATING: 2/10


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