Sit Mainstream Media, Sit!~No More News on COntroversial Matters

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysian Blogosphere, Media and communication

Yet the lid on issues once again has been made effective by the Internal Security Ministry whom has directed all the mainstream media to halt/stop all publications that concerns Negarkuku controversy according to a report by <“Malaysiakini”>

Firstly it became a controversy because of the “smarty pants” organization for instance Harian Metro that instead of doing investigative journalism instead preferred to air gossip as usual. They blatantly accused Namewee during their headlines and news on him causing him and his family to suffer through threats to burn his house, kill him and his family (Malaysia civilized? I beg to differ!).

I was in Kuala Lumpur last week and had a chance to discuss the issue with my journalist friend from NST. She had similarly views with me before joining NST but now since she is apart of it her views has changed drastically. I commented that mainstream newspapers are a waste of time/not credible(referring to this sort of issues whereby they do not air the truth-just half-truths and are told what and when to report…), boy did she get angry with me. Hahah! Anyway she said earlier that bloggers are mostly liars etc and she didn’t care much for them but later went on to saying she doesn’t have any issues with bloggers(I was like..huh?) She is a very good friend of mine no doubt but we do not agree on all matters(like duh!) Well, we had a heated arguments, sadly that went no where. But I do believe that our mainstream newspapers go no where, there are told what to do, how to report and all that by powers beyond their control, I don’t blame the journalist, they do not have much of a choice but still I find the organization itself not to represent the true function of media for the people. It shouldn’t serve as a government mouthpiece in the name of development when it truly is for the purpose of individual people that want to remain in power.

As it is our mainstream newspapers are tightly controlled, now with this directive they have been put into straight jackets. They are no longer allowed to publish on controversial news in regards to Malaysiakuku video by namewee but my take is that there will not allow any kind of news that could cause an uproar such as these especially if it threatens the ruling powers that be for they finally realize the exposure they are giving to us 🙂

  1. kittt says:

    You said, “It shouldn’t serve as a government mouthpiece in the name of development when it truly is for the purpose of individual people that want to remain in power.”

    Am i missing something here? Just what are we developing into? Vision 2020? we just had a story on a kampung/place that lived the last 44 years in darkness. BFD. We’ve been living in darkness in Malaysia since forever. Question the accountability, kill. Question authorities, burn. Question anything, kena tikam.

    Literacy, utilities, and cleanliness in msia alone would take more than 13 years to be rectified. Especially when we waste time on ppl like namewee who’s just an educated brat who obviously feels frustrated with the state of this country but just cant take it anymore. And now it seems everyone’s willing to stab a knife at him even if he pleads to be mental in the name of OMG BLASPHEMY!

    If the newpaper’s the truth, so are we, the blogs.

  2. cherwith says:

    Well development as defined by the government you should know means superficial and surface development as I have wrote on many times. Like you illustrated in your comments, that is the sort of development if we have. My argument is that that the media is used by the government in the name of development, thus they control it because they tell us that if they don’t there will be chaos, no unity, no peace, no proper development etc. Get what I’m saying…so I didn’t mean that it is indeed for development in a holistic manner just their kind of development.
    Agreed=If newspapers is the truth so are we lol:)

  3. kittt says:

    well that is true, as in the media is used to turn on those who try to disturb our unity. it is a very touchy sensitive issue. with the newspapers we have, i’m happy i’m just a regular dude since all i do is start from the back. Sorry journalists~

    anyway, it all adds up at the end for them. history has seen propaganda swaying not only the tide of elections but great wars too. Then realising that something is missing from the press, ppl form unified opinions that is what i think is called blogs today. tho it’s hard to seperate lies from half truths and the truths around here. and the dudes with the most posts pinpointing everything in this world on their blogs seem to have the least time to respond to valid, positive emails. just where are our informed ones coming from?

  4. Sheena says:

    I was just curious to know what happened in between the time before she joined NST & now to make her change her opinion of mainstream media so radically. Is the reason mainstream media is so tightly-controlled because their REPORTERS are so tightly-controlled?

  5. cherwith says:

    Well previously when we had first graduated she had done journalism and had not worked for a very long time after graduating because she did not want to join a media that would restrict her writing. We all encouraged her to join a newspaper anyhow because we told her that in Malaysia there are not many options in media unless you decide to work for alternative media. When she finally did, well….I guess perhaps she is just standing up for her organization perhaps not so much her own belief or principles. I guess the reporter do not have much of a choice, if they do not like the way things are they will be booted out so it either you shut up and follow the way things are or you leave and risk your rice bowl.

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