Matters of Race + Religion

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Personal ramblings, Society

In relation to this news has it that, Namewee has yet fallen into another pit hole through another creation of his “kawanku” <“watch here”>which I watched sometime back, although he could have put more diplomatically since we live in a country like Malaysia, I can relate to what he says and most of his lyrics have its truths although they probably do not represent everyone and is more of a generalization.Namewee I belief should be careful not to generalize on certain matters as it does not truly represent the whole community. When I watch this videos it reminds me of what this guy who write on this blog

<“Malay Women”> who comments about how this issue with the government and bloggers has brought up many issue that concern the Malay community that benefit them, I would like to refer to item number 3 which she mentions which is;

The Malaysian Malays also realized much to their shock that the non-Muslims in Malaysia did not really like their community and their religion, Islam. They were surprised to see that the non-Muslims in Malaysia openly criticized and condemned Islam from some Malaysian blogs that they were reading. Yes, they have now discovered the ugly side of Malaysians. Malaysians of all shapes and sizes would easily flash smiles at each other but only Allah Knows what they were thinking deep down inside their hearts. 😦 “

He further comments on this third item saying that he understands why non-Muslims/Malays hate or dislike Islam and the Malay community relating it towards how Islam is practices by most (not in the correct manner) which you can read more on her blog to understand where she is coming from. As this matter I feel is close to my heart and is commenting on us non-Malays/Muslims I would like to talk on behalf of some of us Malaysian that would disagree with the statement that Malay Women has made.

Firstly on his comment that non’s do not like the religion of Islam. In relation to that I would like to say that I do not hate or dislike Islam, I might not like the fact that to marry an person in the faith I would have to convert but I realize that is not really about Islam but Malaysia(please clarify if you know better on this issue, this is based on my knowledge) I might not like the fact that some of those who practice the religion can be fanatical and profess to be better of than those of us who practice other religions. But if you really come to think of it, such instances happen in almost every religion, especially the one who thinks they are better of than the next person. Honestly, I feel it your right as much as my right to choose which faith you or me would like to follow and no-one should judge you for your faith. After all, all religions teach you to be good, fair to all, no religion says that you should disrespect and dishonor the next person. Another thing I find disturbing is the whole Holier than thou attitude but then again, it does not represent every Muslim person.

In relation to the second comment on disliking the community of Malays. I belief to certain extent some of us might have some dislike but it actually not directed towards Malays particularly but the policies that we have grown up in and the discriminations that follows. As a young non-Malay/Muslim I am more vocal than my parents and I find it disturbing that we have to work extra hard, extra everything to get somewhere in life when through this policies Malays can just lay back and chill (of course not all Malays do that I realize and some do not take hand-outs and work to be who and what they are!) I get angry when I have to fight for a place in university and cross my fingers to get in even though I did well because in Malaysia is not merely based on merit. I hate it when my friends doesn’t get a place because she or he is a non-Malay despite results being just as good or better. I hate it that I can apply to certain educational institutions or programs because it is reserved for Malays. I hate it when I apply for a job they look at what race I am ( this also happens within the Chinese and Indian communities). I hate it when I my results are tempered with just because I’m a non-Malay. I hate a lot of things that associate with being a Malay due to the special benefits that are based not on merit but on race. Of course I do and most would agree but I do not dislike Malays per se. My best friend is a Malay, my auntie who is married to my uncle is Muslim (she is a darling!), I’ve got tons and tons of friends who I hold high in esteem that are not only smart and resourceful, hardworking,intelligent whom are Malays despite the special benefits and all.

Basically what I hate is to be a second-class citizen. I’m Malaysian and would love to be treated equally but the truth is we are not treated equally but does that mean I will disrespect you and hold my anger towards the policies and benefit that they dish out against Malays or Muslims? That would be ridiculous. A lot of us are unhappy with the way things are but we do not hate our Malay friends, brother and sisters. But can’t we fight for what we belief is true without jeopardizing our relationship with our Malay and Muslim friends? I do not belief that Malays or Muslims are synonym with the policies that come along with being one. The point is I might not like some things that reflect upon your religion or community as you might not like mine but I will not hold it against you as an individual because I respect you and embrace our differences that makes us special as Malaysians. I do not judge you based on your religion, your race, your color, your height,your weight, your status etc but on who you are as an individual!

I hope I have not offended anyone but what I have said, if I have I apologize for speaking in a straight forward manner that has hurt anyone in the process.

Read more at<“Malaysiakini”>for the news on the Kawanku video by Namewee that is probably going to land him in hot soup once again after his Negarakuku video.


<“Mencintai Seorang Yang Tidak Saling Mencintai”>
Translation- “Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back” truly illustrates the feelings I have…

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