Namewee to Investigated Under MCMC

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Assault on Malaysian Bloggers, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, human rights, Society

Namewee is no longer an unfamiliar name, his fame thanks to his video on his version of Negaraku was widely publicized over the Internet for the last few months and later garned the attention of the pubic through the mainstream press that certainly manipulated the way it was presented(way far version from the truth)

Today I spoke to my uncle who is in his late 40s and he asked what this issue is all about and why this boy put himself in jeopardy by insulting Islam once I showed him the video, the lyrics together with the translation he was shocked. He said what he read in the newspapers was so far from the truth. It portrayed Namewee as a racial instigator, as a person who disrespects Islam but when he watched the video he had an opposing view compared to what was reported in the mainstream press… He then requested a copy of the lyrics, I gave him one which had the English translation together with the Chinese wordings and another with a Malay translation. He wanted to reach out to the bigger public who like him did not have access to the Internet cause he felt it was very unfair the way Namewee was portrayed when he was indeed a “patriot”.

Anyway since the issue sprung up the have been many parties concerned towards what sort of action would be taken against Namewee. First they demanded for an apology, once he did apologize they demanded his citizenship to be revoked on the grounds that he was disrespectful and unworthy of being given the right to live in Malaysia. Of late, they desire him to be put behind bars through numerous repressive laws in the country.The government and its ministers from Azalina Othman to Hishammudin have been pressing for action towards him through numerous laws from the Sedition Act 1948, Internal Security Act(ISA) and even the National Anthem Act 1965 but finally they have decided to investigate him under the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) according to“Malaysiakini”>

According to MCMC director Abdul Halim said the case has set a precedent as the subject of the investigation is overseas. Wee, 24, is a university student in Taiwan. A report had apparently been lodged with MCMC against Namewee last week for allegedly inciting racial .(It’s funny how this sort of bodies reacts so fast to reports made by the “right people”)

“We will complete the investigation papers. We have to record statements from the relevant parties,” he said, adding that Wee’s family members are expected to be interviewed as well.

<“Jeff Ooi”>said that;

This is a new trend. Though Wee is now an adult at 24 years, the pressure of the System will now mount on his parents.”

I would actually agree to Jeff as it is rather true as Namewee is in Taiwan, the pressure will definitely fall on his parents as it already has since the issue erupted after the mainstream media and government realized that the video was circulating and gaining momentum as the hours passed jeopardizing their safe and cushy environment. I wonder if they will try to call him back to investigate this matter further but seeing what has happened so far they will probably just apply pressure on his parents and continue to intimidate all of us ‘rakyat’ and bloggers alike and it will probably boil over once the elections are up. After all this is the best bet to cover up and make the ‘rakyat’ forget about the PKZ 4.6bil issue and others that plague the country.

  1. Antares says:

    MC2 = E (where MC2 = Malaysian Coommunication and Multimedia Commission and E = E-diocy!) How utterly tiresome these born-again baboons in the Barisan Nazional have become. Any decent person would immediately resign their post in Umno, MCA, or MIC if they have no desire to go down with a rapidly s(t)inking ship.

  2. weename says:

    The whole thing is really so disgusting. People get extradited if they have committed gross crimes or guilty of ethnic cleansing or murder but Malaysia will go down in history as the only country to extradited a 24-year old student for a rap song. If you have total fools, corrupt incompetent morons in the cabinet this is what you will get. Garbage in garbage out. Obviously they want more than a pound of flesh from namewee and his family, much, much more. Stupid and disgusting! UMNO imbeciles and morons!

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