Lesser + Greater Hunger

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

“In Africa, they say there are two hungers, the lesser hunger and the greater hunger. The lesser hunger is for the things that sustain life, the goods and services, and the money to pay for them, which we all need. The greater hunger is for an answer to the question “why?”, for some understanding of what that life is for.”

Source: Charles Handy in Hungry Spirit, Beyond Capitalism: A Quest for Purpose in the Modern World

Isn’t that so true? I guess to a certain extent we all experience this hunger for things we need and things we NEED to understand concerning life. At this point of life its the greater hunger that surrounds everyday life that engulfs us that restraints us that embodies what truly happens within us that I feel is happening in Malaysia especially for the middle classes. It’s like a rebel in us waiting to get out, craving for answers. Just thought that what Charles Handy said was extremely thought provoking. What do you think?


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