Truth: Say it as it is

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

As I drove my car on my never-ending journey back to my hometown, I heard from the news that Namwee would not be left off the hook lightly, I almost barfed. This is so ridiculous. Dah lah they made him apologize through all their great intimidation and threats against him and his family despite it being innocent of their claims.  Now, they say its not enough and they are looking into laws that he might have breached apparently. I’m so sick and tired at the way this country is governed and by the way the enforcement officers and the top guns handle cases such as this. If only they put as much effort in cases of snatch thief, murders, rape etc Malaysia would be a better place to live in.

I’m sad to say that many Malaysians are ignorant to what has happened and have no idea of the meaning of being truthful. Being truthful is not about representing the ideal picture of something but the TRUTH. It is not true if Namwee expresses that getting places in universities is difficult? You say it isn’t? You say its by merit? I beg to differ! I know of many cases of people who DO NOT DESERVE A PLACE getting a place while those who slog and do well end up sitting by the sidelines.. This is just one example but it is so true. Sadly to say as much as IT HURTS. In Malaysia, in mostly everything that you do or try to enroll in your are judged by the color of your skin, your race..your religion etc. If you think this situation doesn’t exist in Malaysia, wake up darling you are the most ignorant person I know. This is not honkey dorey land where all is great and good. Malaysia has its finer points and its not so finer points.  What are we teaching our children then? To tell the truth if it is peachy and refrain from saying anything if the truth is ugly?

  1. TooMuch says:

    Yes, they are like gangsters and hoodlums, especially that bloddy stupid, stupid, stupid Padang Rengas idiot, threatening and intimidating the boy to the max. This in spite of what the Information Minister has announced that the boy has apologised and that the case should not be prolonged by any quarters any longer. Does this mean that the Information Minister’s words were just some goblok rubbish and that Malaysians should not listen to hem anymore and that he can easily be overrulled by some other minister. From now on I wont listen to whatever the Minister of Information has to say because ihe has become meaningless.

    So what is the role of the MCA here in this whole episode? What is the use of the MCA? They are just toothless like the running dogs that they are. These people practice the race-based politics and are suppose to protect Namewee but now UMNO seems to be dictating terms and imposing their power. So what is the point of even voting for the MCA if they can hardly protect the Chinese? So people in the next General Elections, this is something to ponder about.

    And for everyone’s information the Negaraku was a rip-off, ciplak and stolen from a Hawaiian song call Mamula Moon. This tune can be easily downloaded from the internet. So can a song that was originally stolen and rip-off from somebody else be so sacred that it cannot be used as a rap number, I dont see the logic. At least Namewee borrowed the song and used his creativity to express himself in a rap format. He did not steal it wholesale like what they did to MAMULA MOON.

    Come on, we are not in the dark ages anymore. How can any government on earth threatened and intimidated their youth whao are just expressing themslves in their own creative way. God I hope anyone reading this comments will reflect on this when theiy cast their votes in the next elections.

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