Former PM an Ally for Bloggers?

Posted: August 16, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Is it that bad? Has the situation reached an all time bad until we have the former PM saying that bloggers are the last hope? It’s rather ironic to see the face of the person who is considering us bloggers as the last resort, last hope for things to come when we all knew how our former PM was during his reign to the press. I guess when tables are turned around and you are not longer on the dictating side, your perspective of thing changes especially since this time around your on the receiving. Is it really genuine (his statement) or is it the only course of hope not so much for the country but for our former PM?

During his reign, the press could hardly breathe let alone report. It was a dictatorship during our former PM’s rule, things have changed now but not for the better. Things might have seemed to have relaxed but the truth of the matter is it is pretty much the same old thing minus the name/faces/nature of the dictator. But our former PM is showing us a different face altogether, is he pulling a 360 degree turn for the better? I’d be the last to be so optimistic, we will just wait and see. But I’m sure as hell ain’t complaining, I’m pleased to have his support. I think very highly of our former PM in terms of intelligence but of course I till today do not condone or even like what he did or practiced during his reign as a PM in certain issues, but he has contributed a lot the country no doubt about that!

Getting back to the statement of “bloggers being the last hope”, according to a report by<“Malaysiakini”> yesterday, bloggers will now have a very strong ally to back us up (how far this is this true? I have my doubts!) He said for us to gather forces!! Wah lah wei! (careful they might use the same laws you used before on many others for pledging support for something you belief in! hahaha pun intended!)

Some of what Tun had to say;

“Umno has become completely paralysed. It cannot do anything (to correct itself). The only hope left is with the bloggers”-

“There are ways to get around the rules and regulations. If you want, if you love your country, you would take the risk,” he added.

“If you want to do something that is positive, you have to get everybody, as much as possible, and do it openly and say it loud and clear”

-our former PM,Tun Dr.Mahatir

Of late our former PM has been quoted to say that Malaysiakini is a very good source of news, reliable etc and he even said”Malaysiakini was a pain the neck”(pay attention to the word “was”) Man this is really fun! Apparently this was related during a speech-cum dialogue with the former PM and around 100 bloggers.

This is actually unrelated by I saw a the convocation book thing for USM yesterday and Tun Dr.Mahatir, his wife and even Marina are all getting some awards in USM. I don’t quite remember what but Tun wife is getting something to do with Doctor of Philosophy Award and I might not blog for sometime as I’m heading to KL today and will be away from my computer and Internet 😦 for sometime.

  1. Antares says:

    Mahathir is the archetypal political chess-player – an Indiana Jones amongst politicos who managed to dodge an avalanche of potential disasters – but over his 22-year reign he presided over the systematic corruption of Umno and the Malay psyche with his kiasu stratagems. First he created the arrogant and acquisitive “Melayu Baru” mentality; then he eroded the sultans’ political influence (not all are overfed and overdressed parasites; there are a few genuine leaders arising from their midst from time to time, as we can see with Raja Nazrin of Perak); in 1988 he dealt the juidiciary a death blow and installed white-collar thugs in the Attorney-General’s chambers; and then he turned the police force into little more than a crowd-control mechanism, ignorant of the rule of law and loyal only to the government of the day. With his power as Home Minister he completely emasculated the press and broadcast media and turned them into government mouthpieces and spineless propagandists. Now he dares complain!

    Mahathir and former Finance Minister Dami Zainuddin tried to create overnight a breed of billionaire bumis – the monster they sired is called crony capitalism. Almost all the diseases now plaguing the nation were introduced by Mahathir, whose ambition was largely inflamed by the aristocratic Lady Macbeth he married. And now we have a new generation Lady Macbeth (known to insiders as “Grossmah”) and a next-in-line with an unsalvageable reputation for licentiousness, greed, and haughtiness – and who has had a track record of playing the racist card to advance his political career (in 1987 Najib led an Umno Youth rally in Kampong Baru where he brandished a keris and called for Chinese blood). As Selangor mentri besar, Muhammad Muhammad Taib was reportedly in the pay of more than 15 logging companies and is singlehandedly responsible for the present flood woes in the Klang Valley. Caught red-handed with millions in cash at Brisbane airport in 1996, he managed to escape prosecution in Australia – and ACA investigation at home. These Umno leaders have collectively ruined what would otherwise be a healthy, peaceful and prosperous nation – and the only trump card they have is to continually raise the spectre of May 13, playing with dangerous talk of “an Islamic state” to keep PAS at bay while hobnobbing with Chinese triads specializing in the exploitation of women and sex slavery. People ask me: “But what is the alternative to BN?” Don’t be so stupid, people. Vote anybody in who will guarantee that the first thing they do once they have sufficient say in Parliament is to ABOLISH ALL REPRESSIVE LAWS – ISA, OSA, Universities Act, Police Act, Printing Presses and Publications Act, the Aboriginal Act of 1954, and so on. Then they will have to sack half the executive staff of the ACA, the Police, and the A-G’s chambers.
    With the repressive laws removed, and press freedom granted for the first time in history, Malaysians will finally have a chance to view Government as merely a management team paid good wages to administer the country for the Rakyat, not for themselves. If they misbehave or mismanage, out they go. Then we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief and no longer live in constant fear of our own government.

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