Harian Metro Should Be Penalized!

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

This issue is definitely in relation to my post concerning Namewee who was forced to look the other way due to intimidation techniques practiced by our great GOVERNMENT. Like I have said before I shall say again, he didn’t have to apologize, he did nothing wrong. It surely irritates every inch of my being, hearing of news such as revoking Namewee citizenship due to his creation of the Negarakuku, to make matters clear Harian Metro should have been the one apologizing.

In his letter to <“Malaysiakini”> he stated that Harian Metro had misrepresented what had actually happened or shall I say misinformed(more like blatantly reported crap!) the public concerning this issue with very serious repercussions. If you want to talk of about sensationalizing news well you definitely have it here in Harian Metro. Harian Metro which is supposed to be a source of information, failed at its job to report the actual situation by reporting half truths. They accused Namewee of insulting the country, race, religion and the government without first understanding the basis of their accusations that was basically baseless! If they wanted to present the truth I think it wasn’t difficult to find a translator to digest what was being said in the video before simply and blindly accusing Namewee.They by right should not only offer an apology but print an article correcting their allegations or proving their accusations! Isn’t this by right an act of defamation? I know that this is Malaysia (no way is any action going to be taken against Harian Metro) but hell they raised caused of racial tension and threats to Namewee and his family’s safety. Due to their reports, many Malaysians were angry with Namewee not understanding what had actually occurred due to the content being in Chinese language. Shouldn’t they be sued for causing emotional damage! Err I know I’m taking it over the top! But what’s so wrong with that when we have a government that blows over the top over the simplest issues when issues such as this stares them in the face and they are blind to it? Errr!! Well I guess Harian Metro practiced the”Ambil Tindakan, Baru Fikir Akibat approach” but can you you expect more other of them? They are laughable…..sad that this sort of newspapers are allowed licenses to operate while those who actually produce actual quality news have to seek for other avenues.

  1. zewt says:

    that’s our beautiful country….

  2. Antares says:

    A very old trick, Cher. When you’re threatened by your own lack of competence or about to get arrested, start pointing fingers at any convenient SCAPEGOAT and, while the public’s attention is temporarily diverted, hide the loot, shred the evidence, flee your post!
    Looks like we’re burdened with a bunch of very bad losers in government.

  3. moo_t says:

    Never mind, the whole agenda is play on the expenses of MCAi . MCAi need to play down the issue ASAP, because in a recent Mandarin radio call in program, most caller are supporting the truth speaking out by NameWee, which means MCAi propaganda mandarin paper has totally lost the influence to sidellne NameWee youtube video.

    The total his of NameWee video hits millions now.

  4. anthraxxxx says:

    Harian Metro is famous for adding oil into the fire and this is not the first time they have been doing it. If my memory serves me well, they were responsible for stirring up racial issues that involves a reality singing competition 2 years ago.

  5. OMG says:

    It is all political Cheryl, Elections are near and from a recent survey, the majority of Chinese particularly in urban areas are not supporting MCA. So MCA’s partner-in-crime, UMNO finds an issue, blows it up like hell at the expense of poor Namewee and his family. Finally MCA is seen to come to the rescue and Goblok Zam comes in and praises MCA high and mighty hoping the Chinese will revert their support back to MCA. Its dirty but these dickheads do not care at the hurt, pain and trauma caused to Namewee with the threats, intimidation and fear. Like you said there is absolutely no reason for him to apologise. If everyone in the music, art and theatre were to apologise for their works of expression, then we might as well be zombies without art or culture.

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