Pak Lah Vows to Be Fair But Can His Action Speak Louder than his Words?

Posted: August 13, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

I just don’t get this, as temple are being demolished right before the eyes of law-abiding citizens while husbands, wifes and their children are separated, families torn apart, being sent away to rehabilitation camps due to religious issues where they are treated in manners that shouldn’t occur, I ask you Pak Lah how are you being fair?
Where were you all those times when the “rakyat” needed you? Isn’t it written that each and every individual in the country has the right practice their religions freely without being suppressed by others. Don’t we practice freedom of religion in this country? Or did I mistaken this part for some other country out there?

Pak Lah,

<“Malaysiakini”> today reported that you would be fair to all faith regardless of what they believed and asked minorities like us to be patient but Pak Lah don’t you think we have been patient? Don’t you think it is about time people stepped up and demanded for their rights as you are not taking any action. All talk and no action leads no where, this is not the first time you have spoken Pak Lah but can your actions speak louder than words? The people are waiting and we sure hope that “the rakyat” in Malaysia will not continue to be marginalized as you have stated many times there is no point of being a first class world with third class mentality and it sure reflects on how and what’s been happening and that is truly very sad Pak Lah.

Start taking action instead of just talking and vowing to be fair .BE FAIR! WE ARE ALL MALAYSIANS!

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