to Vote or Not to Vote???

Posted: August 12, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

As the bells of a early election is sounding, many people are beginning to gear themselves up for the election. Some are craving for a change, a much-needed one they say while some I happy the way things are but most are pretty geared up and just waiting for the time to be allowed to cast their vote and make their stand. Like most young people I know, I have never voted and never actually intended to well until now (I haven’t quite decided but the thought has crossed my mind)

<“Marina”> said;

Meantime, for those who sniff elections in the air (and who doesn’t?), did you know that there are still 5 million (yes, million) eligible voters who haven’t registered yet? If you have registered, you can vote or not vote. But if you haven’t registered, you can only smack yourselves if the wrong people get in. So folks, get out and register, or check that your registration is all A-OK and when the time comes, rain or shine, make your mark!”

I’m guilty as I have not registered let alone thought of who to vote. But I want to make my mark! Yet, the words “you can only smack yourselves if the wrong people get in” keeps ringing in my mind. But what lingers in my mind on a day to day basis is does my vote really count, does your vote really count? If I vote will it make a differences? Some might say if everybody thought the way I did nothing would ever improve, change etc…

My doubt basically lies in the system of voting, my concern is even if I vote will my vote get through? With the way the elections has been running for god knows how many years, it is BN battlefield or more like playground to do as they wish, the set the rules and they are excluded from them doing as they want as they do in so many other things. Reason that I don’t vote is that I truly belief that if I vote I’m just “menghalalkan” their operation which I deem far from being fair and just so I boycott the whole matter at least it gives me the satisfaction that I need not contribute towards electing a corrupt an unjust government.

But as I go along people are telling me that I should vote despite the odds and all that but I still just don’t know. So far I have only found on other person who like me boycotts the system of voting as she too beliefs that the outcome would be the same.At this point, I do not know whether I will vote or not but some people have made me think twice about it and seeing how strong people are fighting I might just vote for I don’t really lose by voting but still…sigh I don’t know. What do you guys think?

  1. Freethinker says:

    Interestingly I wrote something similar 4 months ago during the Ijok election.

    To make a difference would be hard just coming from new voters. A change needs to come from the existing trend. However, that’s the cohort that is less likely to go into uncharted zone….

  2. JiNG says:

    I dont vote… But by not voting, im actually become a peacemaker lar.. how if DAP win all the seat? you think those ppl will peacefully step down?? My predecition will be, another 13 may will happen.. haih… not worth for it.. i rather stay peaceful.. wuakkakaka. just a two cent with no firm standing on it.. because, i might end up voting next year.. too many ppl nagging me to vote lar.. beh tahan.. sob sob

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