Taking it a Tad too far: The Malaysian Flag

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, Media and communication, Society

<“MageP’s Lab”>through his posting on the latest air of stupidity, a definite reaction of a stupid report coming all the way from the PM’s Department. Read his blog, in today’s lesson you will learn how stupidity and idiosyncrasies occur day in and day out in our birth place.

The PM’s department which is supposedly houses the smartest men/women in our country whom play a large role in governing our great land have taken one step further in making a total ass out of themselves. News is that it is, not appropriate to bake a cake which has the national flag design on it.

Some people think that it is all right to bake cakes with the national flag design on them, but actually, it is inappropriate because later, they will be cut and eaten. The gesture is not appropriate,” a spokesman from the secretariat said today.”

You’ve heard it people! First we have a program on TV which finds people who do not put their flags up to commemorate Merdeka and put them on TV now we have a direct statement from the ‘geniuses’ of the PM’s Department telling us that we shouldn’t bake cakes that have the national flag on it, as it very I repeat VERY DISRESPECTFUL.

I mean where do you draw the line. This is not right that is not right, say this …no no say that!!!! What is to become of this country? What do they want us to do actually, perhaps they should come up with a manual depicting their wants or better still since we are in the area of technology why not create the type of ‘rakyat’ they want, perhaps robots which have been programmed to do and behave as they say, perhaps then they will leave US alone!

They have gone a tad too bar, everything seems to displease them. Why can’t we enjoy and celebrate our Merdeka as we wish, so what if our mothers,sister,brothers etc want to bake a cake with a design of our national flag how can that be interpreted as disrespect.But then again, we live in Malaysia… When sedition doesn’t exist they create it, when it does exist they cover it up. So what can you expect?

Oh ya did I mention, they even can punish you if your found using the flag in manner that they find disrespectful. How about that? I was joking with a friend about the possible laws they could use and before I could roll down further on the news I was reading at The Star Online I found this;

Action can be taken against those who display the Jalur Gemilang in a disrespectful manner under Section 3 of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act 1963. If found guilty of being disrespectful to the national flag, the person can be fined up to RM1,000.”

So people happy Merdeka! Remember don’t bake no national day cakes and while your at it perhaps one of you can call up the government, perhaps they can air a program teaching us how to celebrate our Merdeka, what props works and what doesn’t…..Ahh they have done that too in cyberspace as written below;

Malaysians are also advised to refer to the circular posted on the Information Ministry’s website at www.penerangan.gov.my to find out about the right way to display the national flag.”

Sigh! I thought things couldn’t get any worse! I feel like I’m in a straight-jacket!
There goes to celebrating our 50th Independence, sure seems like a lot less.. .:(


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