Negarakuku Singer Speaks Up!

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, human rights, Media and communication, Society

“My intentions are good”

This was said by the Negarkuku singer@ creator of the latest version of the Negaraku. Creating a buzz with his own rendition of his creation, Negarakuku gained the spotlight when the video turned up available online for cyber users to access. In early august, this video was discovered by the non-humorous species in the country which took it a tad to seriously and have since made it their mission to make a big deal and hopefully intimidate and possibly punish this boy for his great sense of humor.

After numerous reports by both the mainstream press,online media and the blogging community, Malaysiakini has got a insight of what the creator@singer of the video whom has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. According to him,the journalist of Malay Dail Harian Metro used his video wrongfully to instigate the ‘rakyat’. His dad was apparently asked to go to the police station and was grilled by the special branch in order to intimidate in asking Namewee to apologize for the video but Namwee feels otherwise

Read further on of this at;


<“Namewee’s Family Ordeal”>

So much for creating humor in this country. Doesn’t he know that the government lacks a lot things especially in the area of humor? They do not take lightly to anything remotely insulting whether its is dead serious or joking around sort of things. There don’t have a humorous bone in their bodies~~ Poor boy tried to use his creativity to express how he felt and he was write by saying that is how a lot of people felt. I agree, I Totally can relate to his lyrics as it is true. Embrace it or ignore it, its your choice to decide. Media might have to power to influence but we have the power to not watch, not agree, agree, its up to us. Here is yet another example of how the state wants the students not to have critical thinking or to express themselves creatively rather they want them to head back in the box where it is safe and they can predict the box users next move. Typical but true.

The video and translation of the lyrics(as it was in Mandarin originally) can be accessed at <“Negarakuku lyrics and video”>

  1. comment says:

    a joke? making fun on others religion is considered as joke? hmm nice, thank you for being such an ignorant.

  2. cherwith says:

    Didn’t mean to ruffle up your feathers but I see nothing offensive about the song and its lyrics. Living in a multi-racial country is not easy and if you cannot withstand jokes or some mockery every now and then you are going to have a hard time wherever in the world you decide to live.
    You mean being ignorant, I think you are more so as you do not truly understand what was said and if I may say he did not meant to insult your religion. What is insulting one’s religion is the acts that has been done recently like demolishing temples, staying that other who embrace different religions are fake gods etc, that I agree is insulting the religion, in this case the only thing he said was their voice was out of tune, so what? Boo hoo. But anyhow you are entitled to your opinion and so am I. I know the truth and god knows it, call me ignorant, irritating, whatever it doesn’t bother me! Have a nice day!

  3. nocrid says:


    I think he “insult” (if that’s the word you insist to use) followers not the religion… And to be precise, this is his observation. I did get morning call because of the prayer for almost 4 four years and then when I shifted I can’t get use to it because it’s quiet in my new place. And saying them(maybe you) out of tune is another observation. And you what? Namewee really knows the prayer’s tune, if not how come he knows?

    This is nocrid the ignorant. And you have a nice day too.

  4. SL says:

    I’ve read the assumingly accurate lyrics of the song that stirred up so much buzz here and it left me with one question:

    If the government had really been fair, why do you have Namwee coming up with this song?

    I’m not Chinese (in fact, a Sarawak native), but I can relate to this song. I’ve talked to many of my Chinese friends and I’ve catched a glimpse of Namwee in them, albeit a more suppressed one.

    Namwee could’ve filtered his words to stay on the safe side. But I suppose the frustration he holds towards the Malaysian government is too tugging to be sugar-coated. At least he recognises his responsibility as a Malaysian citizen to come back and ‘repay’ the country – the same way his other like-minded brethrens have done before him and will continue to do so in the future.

  5. cherwith says:

    guess the truth hurts, it might not reflect a fantastic situation but it sure is true and a lot of us can understand how Namwee feels…That’s what bugs the government the most!

  6. Random People says:

    Leader tumbles, Legends Fall, The crowd stood up with a roar….

    figure it out…

  7. m-guy says:

    these people, they never satisfied….
    satisfaction has no limit…

    therefore, learn to be satisfied, and if you cannot, just don’t blame it on others….

    u can tell jokes, but pls….. use your head….

  8. cherwith says:

    who do you mean who are never satisfied I wonder? Blame it on others? Hmm…I do not know who you are talking about but I belief that we have to strive for the best and not be content about things the way they are or we would still be living on trees

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