If only we focused on Malaysia not the “EYE”

Posted: August 11, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

I’ve been meaning to write about the EYE for a very long time but since time did not permit I haven’t well until now. When I first heard that Malaysia was building this magnificent portable observation wheel I thought to myself that it was yet another act of getting the spotlight for the “highest, tallest, biggest”etc some thing that Malaysia is very fond of and might I add extremely proud of. So before I rip the EYE to pieces, let me tell you a thing or two about the tallest(please note the adjective) portable observation wheel in Southeast Asia. (hmm, aren’t you proud, it should be swelling up by now I mean you sense of pride for Malaysia).


60-metre structure located at Taman Titiwangs Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

Feris wheel comprises of 42 gondolas(got 1 VIP gondola also but only for the BIG GUNS)

Created in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Copycat version of London Eye Similar with London Eye

360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur during 12 minute ride, goes 60 metres high

(You gasping for air already?So magnificent eh???? Wait you haven’t heard the best part yet!)

42 air conditioned gondolas, 39 of it carry 8 passengers-per ride

VIP gondola features plush leather seats, mini fridge, DVD player, plasma TV +mobile phone(sorry ah, only VIP!)

2 gondolas have unique features friendly for our wheelchair bound and handicapped visitors

(Not yet, hold it….one more)

It only cost RM30 million

Read for news on the Eye of Malaysia that has turned Black at <“Malaysiakini”>

I guess EYE ain’t working too well, so Tourism Ministry+MST Ad Suria are going to make it happen! Hell yeah! Kerjasama together-geta we make it work! Yeah!


Ministry buys thousands of tickets from the private company to be distributed for free. Ministry is bailing out MST Ad Suria.

Apparently tickets worth RM5.7 million have been snapped up by the ministry from the private company. “500,000 tickets are there sitting in the ministry. The amount sums up to RM5.7 million of taxpayers’ money. The ministry is giving them (MST Ad Suria) easy money” sources said.


Hmm, doesn’t look like such a great sight anymore does it? From the beginning itself I don’t get the point of spending RM30 million to construct something for Visit Malaysia 2007, I’m not against tourism or attracting new visitors in but my problem is a waste of resources,cash etc for something just not worth the effort. Now look at the EYE, what has it got to show for its RM30 million construction? Nothing. They could have used the money for so many other reasons. But then again Malaysia is more concerned about such things like the EYE rather than keeping its eye on the many underdevelopment of Malaysia.

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