NO Action Taken Against Kelab Penyokong Maya as with Pak Lah Case.

Posted: August 10, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

On the 7th of this month, DAP lodged a report against Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO doing to their seditious content that infuriated a lot of Malaysian in the country. The articles not only lack the respect for other races and religions but any form of decency and fairness. KPMU moto it seemed was to dishonor and disrespect people as can be seen in their articles that degrade not only Christianity but RPK. I wrote about this issue in one of my blog postings when I first heard of it and someone commented that I should stop ranting and do something about it like a police report.(I felt I did something about it by publishing the posting on it to let more people know about it for I had no faith in the system, still don’t!)

Its the 10th, pretty early some would say IT WOULD be jumping to conclusion by saying that the Police will not take any action either by investigating or calling the KPMU troop to the Balai. So what you guys want to do wait and see if they take any action. Judging from their past actions, the wait is a pure waste of time. But, we Malaysians are very patient…..what more to say?

<”Malaysiakini’s reported the issue on Pak Lah but as we all know it was swept under the carpet, either that or the Police are really slow in performing their duties as officers of the law. So what makes this report any different, so what’s the point of reporting it to the police, they perform their duties selectively, as and when they feel like it. I have lost all faith the system of Malaysia whether it be in the police, politicians, system of voting, education etc the list goes on. In time I will post a posting on the system of voting and why I have not voted and might not begin to vote. What the point of justifying a system that I know is corrupted and not fair, what would be the outcome of it, the point?

But that’s just how I feel…..

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