Nat and Steven Gan on Al-Jazeera Channel 20

Posted: August 9, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Switching channels off and on I did manage to catch both Nat Tan(blogger who was recently arrested under OSA) and Steven Gan editor+ co-founder of Malaysiakini on Al-Jazeera today at about 8.30pm for a short chat with Riz Khan. I don’t know if it is available online but a best bet would be You Tube through Al-Jazeera channel. Riz Khan asked Nat concerning the clampdown on bloggers and his arrest while he asked Stevan Gan’s take on the whole matter and his view on how online media has developed and what it holds for <“Malaysiakini”>in the future. What was interesting is that Steven Gan said that in 5-10 years time probably, online media such as Malaysiakini would be considered as mainstream media and that he felt the state was just reacted in angst over the issue thus explaining the clampdown on bloggers recently.But he reckoned that it would not go on to extreme ends (only perhaps in terms of strengthening existing laws) as the Internet after all could not be controlled, it was too vast. Nat however believed that it wasn’t over especially in regards for him as things would not look any easier for him.

Oh ya this is one quote from Steven Gan(brave +intelligent man) that I love and have always loved since I read in during my years at Uni.

In Malaysia we have freedom of speech but not freedom after speech “-how well said, don’t ya think?

* Actually in a hurry so will update this post later 🙂

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