Another excuse to deny minimum wage??

Posted: August 9, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, human rights, Society

This is what I read on <“Malaysiakini”>today, disturbing but true;

Instead of addressing the reason that MTUC Malaysian Trade Union Council’s decision to picket to voice out their concerns, pleas for minimum wage, the great government reflected on the picketing move as disappointing. Not surprising I guess for this is not the first time that an organization or association has pleaded with the government for something that concerns the “rakyat” and got squat. Yesterday, MTUC picketed on the street to emphasis that they not only wanted but demanded that the government take heed to their pleas instead of brushing them away.

MTUC, an umbrella body for Malaysia’s eight million private sector workers, estimated that 40 percent of these workers earn less than RM700 per month, mostly working in plantations or factories.”

A corporate advisor to Sunway Group Ramon Navaratnam was quoted to have said; “Picketing and other instruments should be the last resort, when they believe negotiations are not fruitful,” he explained.


All I can say to Mr.Ramon is duh….you think they did it for fun? You think they thought they had many options? They are doing it for the rakyat!! A lot of people are suffering earning wages lower than RM700 a month which is hardly any money in this days with the increasing price of goods. I belief people on the top do not realize because they bring home salaries that match the roof and unaware that their policies and constant “unrealistic” ideas to be like China in term of the workers market affect the “rakyat” in a bigger way and until they themselves have to dig their own pockets and put into such a position they will still cry boo hoo and foul about such fair justice. Let’s give them a pay cute and see how they feel!

You talk about globalization, you talk about developing as a nation but what is the point of the development if it does not affects certain quarters and is selective. If you cannot even address the needs of the workers that need it the most what is left to be said, your “let’s talk nice” doesn’t work. I personally have followed this issue and find it disturbing when Ramon says that we could have talked why resort to picketing when all they have been doing is talking. There is a time to act and I belief the time is now! So stop blowing off the issue and deal with it like an adult, Malaysia!

“Ramon wished MTUC would also contribute a formula for raising productivity, to ensure the country’s competitiveness in a globalised environment.”

Why don’t they do your job for you too? You wish this, you wish that! MTUC is doing its job by addressing the issues of the members under the umbrella, what are you doing? I say less talk more action!

  1. arifabdull says:

    well said and i agree with you on this matter. 😀

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Minimum wage does not work. Period.

    If you force employers to pay RM 900 for a worker whose skills are only worth RM 700, two things happen:

    1) People whose skills are not worth RM 900 will be unemployed. Before the law, they get employed at RM700. After the law, they cannot find a job.

    2) Suppose the law forbids the employer from firing the existing workers. So, a person who is worth RM 700 now gets an extra RM 200. The employer simply shifts the extra costs to the consumers in the form of more expensive goods.

    The repercussions of a minimum wage law is not hard to deduce. You get inflation and unemployment on an increasing trend. Finally, the inflation eats away whatever benefits that one gets from the legislation of minimum law. Everyone is back to square one, but groups that did not benefit from the minimum wage will suffer more from the inflation.

    Minimum wage laws are at best popular political tools. Economically, they are completely unfeasible.

    You want to combat soaring inflation? One possible way is to demand a more accountable and efficient government that does not tax its citizens left and right so that it can make up HUGE amounts of public funds lost through ineptness, corruption and plain irresponsibility.

  3. stan says:

    As long as the border is porus and illegals continue to flood in, forget about minimum wage. Minimum wages do work but in the face of illegal workers who are willing to work for less, malaysian workers will simply loose out.

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