Do you think Mrs RPK will have to Endure the same 8hr-Grueling Investigations?

Posted: August 8, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

What say you? Mrs RPK to be put through the same thing like her husband RPK had to go through when the police summoned him to Dang Wangi not so long ago? I guess they will be trying their best to intimdate RPK by being tough on his Mrs. According to<“Malaysiakini”> today it is confirmed that she has been called regarding the comments and articles that have appeared in Malaysia Today. Perhaps failure to intimidate RPK during Round 1 have left them stressed out and to boost their morales they really need to see if they can win Round 2 and break RPK spirit by hauling in the one he loves for questioning. It’s a good thing RPK is with his Mrs. Hopefully they allowed him to be there, knowing how nasty they can be. Anyway for those of you who are unaware or is wondering what 8 hour drama I was talking ABOUT you can refer back here;
<“RPK 8hour ordeal”>

Update 1:

Thankfully the ordeal lasted only 90 minutes for Mrs RPK at Dang Wangi, go to <“Nat’s blog”> for more information.


<“Rockybru”> has a more detailed version short but precise!
<“Marina at Rantings MM”a more narrative version of what happened, who was there and of course the pictures!!


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