SMS Threats:Bloggers Will Be Put 2 Sleep?

Posted: August 7, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Have you got one yet? I haven’t but some of our bloggers have already received the new way of getting threats, no no not by a thug but through one of the great invention of our time, SMS. The last time this sort of threats came about I think was concerning Siti Nurhaliza and that other fantastic Malay singer(can’t quite remember her name but remember her face though!). Anyway these time around the victims are blogger and apparently it’s not an isolated case. Do you think the Cyber-UMNO troopers job scope has increased? Perhaps they are no longer focusing on just commenting, perhaps their getting their fingers in shape.Lol. Well, I have no idea who or what or why such SMS threats have been circulating thus I can only make speculations and hope that eventually truth will come out sooner or later. Detention, Investigations, Cyber-troopers, SMS Threats..What’s to follow I really wonder!

One of the bloggers that was affected by this is none other than Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad from <“Gerbang Ruhanie”>
who receive the SMS not so long ago, read his blog for his insight into what this is all about and how he feels to be threatened in such a manner.While reading his blog I also managed to find this list that he says is the UMNO’S watch list of Bloggers. So has anyone under this list got any threats yet?

Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi, Ahiruddin Attan, Anwar Ibrahim, Bakri Musa, Azly Rahman, Ong Hock Chuan, Husam Musa, Malik Imtiaz Sawar, Zainol Abideen (“Mahaguru58”), Ronnie Liu, Ruhanie Ahmad, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Marina Mahathir, Nuraina Samad, Hajjah Fuziah Salleh, Rustam Sani, Ahmad Zaki Yamani, Faisal Mustaffa, A.Kadir Jasin, Bernad Khoo (Zorro), Syed Shahir, Dato Shahrir Abdul Samad, Shieh (“Kickdefella”), Haris Ibrahim, Kula Segaran, Imran Idris, Captain Yusuf Ahmad, Dr. Hsu Dar Ren, Husin Lempoyang, Hizami Iskandar, Susan Loone, Syed Imran (“Kuda Ranggi”), Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Nizam Bashir, Zaharin Mohd Yasin (“Sang Kelembai”), Annuar Mohd Nor, Ibnu Hakeem, Hishamuddin Rais, Amir Hafizi, Mohd Adib Nor, Nathaniel Tan, Zaharah Othman (“choc-a-blog”), Patrick Teoh (“Niamah”), Fathi Aris Omar, Amin Yatim (“Cuit Sikit”), Khalid Jafar, Amin Iskandar, Ahmad A. Talib (“Pahit Manis”), Pak Idrus (In Passing – Malaysian”), Saari Sungib, etc.

Source:<“Gerbang Ruhanie”>


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