Shoutout to Malaysian Bloggers: Research Blog Set-Up

Posted: August 6, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

As some of you might know I’m currently involved in doing some research on the Malaysian blogopshere in context of whether it provides freedom of expression if so to what extent, what are the restrictions that exist, can it develop as a platform for freedom of expression for Malaysia without being bogged down by laws,policies, pressure from the state etc. So I’d like to appeal to all of you for your help in any way possible. This will be carried out hopefully in the course of the next 6 months, at the beginning part and so it does not clog up this blog as information will be vast I have resorted to setting up a new blog at <“Reality Bites”>. So do drop it when you can, leave comments or suggestion. Any constructive comments, criticism is most welcomed. But do keep in mind I’m still the very first part of this but it shall advance to great heights soon(with all your help of course) So just to inform you guys!

I shall update this blog in the next posting of bloggers that will contribute towards this research whom I will soon meet to get a clearer picture of what truly happens in the Malaysian Blogosphere. Will also list down some reading that you can attain online or provide links that will allow everyone to find out more about issues that surround our blogosphere. To date I have about 25 people on my list and the number is growing(thanks to the great help of bloggers such as<“SK”>,<“Zorro”><“Walski69”>..the list continues)”

Source: <“Shoutout to Bloggers of The Malaysian Blogosphere”>

  1. Edrei says:

    I don’t mind helping out in any way. Just drop me a line on what you would like helped and I’ll see if I can contribute.

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