Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia/ I’m Malaysian

Posted: August 6, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Pictures courtesy of; Mob ,while the shoutout for this spectacular event comes from none other than MageP’sLab. Check out Bangsa Malaysia, it’s time to get the ball rolling as Bangsa Malaysia Hari Merdeka get-together is around the corner.

So everyone from all ends of Malaysia whether it be North,South or smack in the middle let’s get together to make sure that this special day is accounted for! Let’s celebrate it the way it should be celebrated, with honor, with its great glory but most importantly let’s celebrate it together as Malaysians, as brothers+sisters, as family. Let’s leave out classifications and categories just plain ole’ Malaysian. So anak-anak Malaysia jom kita menyambut hari ini seperti yang ia patut dirayakan setiap tahun! Merdeka!

Pictures are courtesy of blogger Mob and permission has been granted by the owner to carry the pictures on your blog or distribute them to as many people as you wish. So don’t be shy and spread the word out will you? Thanks to Mob for his creative and helpful touch to Merdeka.


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