No One Enjoys Total Immunity Except for The Powers that Be and Their Konco

Posted: August 5, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, Malaysian Blogosphere

Deputy Information Minister and Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye, said today on NST Online that “No One Enjoys Total Immunity” even bloggers are still tied down by the laws. No need to create new laws he further added let’s just tighten the existing laws and use them.

To a certain extent what Datuk Seri had to say I would say is rather reasonably although I do feel that the laws that has been used in the past against blogger like <“Jeff Ooi”>, <“Ahiruddin Attan”>, <“Raja Petra”> and <“Nathaniel Tan”> were not justified and used on the mere pretenses of the law but actually was a political move rather than lawful.
We bloggers are aware that we are not above the law. What I believe the problem here is that the powers that be that continue to misuse their powers to arrest/detain/lodge police reports etc on false pretenses just to curb bloggers from expressing freedom of expression. I believe that the laws are too ambiguous thus allowing any sort of interpretation as the powers that be see fit. Furthermore comments (that defame/insults etc)on the blogs or website as long as it’s taken down my respective website/blogs owners why take action?Blogger can’t be expected to sit by the web page 24/7, we do have lives, jobs, some children etc..

I do belief that immunity is enjoyed, totally Datuk Seri by some so in that sense I belief that you are mistaken. Total immunity is enjoyed by the powers that be and their koncos or people they deem important to protect. If not how can you explain the police report against Pak Lah being tossed and articles by Kelab Penyokong UMNO Maya( you can read here what <“RPK”> has to say on them) who are not only seditious but racial but gets overlooked?So total immunity does indeed exist but selectively…for powers that be and not to forgot konco-konconya..

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