What does Kelab Penyokong UMNO have against Christians?

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

I read Malaysia Today’s article<“Malaysia Today Article Are Christians Lepers?”>with utter shock and disappointment with selected Malaysians, namely the write of the article

<“Riawayat Petra 2”>, Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO.

Judging from the attack of Raja Petra of Malaysia Today not so long ago, I didn’t expect much from UMNO supporters in terms of supporting or saying anything remotely nice or pleasant about Raja Petra. But today when I read that article, they not only insulted Raja Petra(boy did they stoop low) but also Christianity thus causing racial/religious sentiments to arise. Sadly to say, this people are pathetic and have no other grounds to support their claims so they lash as they like at bloggers like Raja Petra and at anything else to pursue their cause. Today, I say that they went to far!

Just to you an insight into their article I shall take some excerpts from the nasty article;

“I pernah tengok artikel-artikel yang sebelum ni ada menyatakan yang Raja Petra di Islamkan melalui cara Pas. Depan orang dia bercakap pasal Islam tapi di belakang dia amalkan cara Kristian dia yang sudah sebati di dalam urat darah dia.Apa yang I nak bagitau Raja Petra ni dahulunya adalah penganut agama Kristian Jesus….Dah tentu lah kafir nya dah sebati dalam diri dia dan keluarga dia.Ada jugak yang I dengar pernah nampak dia singgah ke gereja bersama dengan isterinya. Buat apa lagi? Dah tentu lah itu cara dia mengingati tuhan nya yang palsu tu.Orang macam ni memang tak boleh di percayai. Manusia yang bertopengkan Islam sedangkan pada dasarnya jiwanya masih Kristian dan cuba untuk menjatuhkan bangsa melayu.Islam hanya di gunakan olehnya untuk menutup keburukan yang ada dalam dirinya yang sudah jelas masih lagi dirasuk budaya hidup dan fahaman agama Kristian.Keturunan yang mengalirkan darah Kristian dalam tubuh anak-anak, cucu-cucu serta semua generasi Petra yang akan datang akan terus menjadi songsang.Islam adalah agama yang suci, dan tidak harus di cemari oleh seorang yang hanya sekadar menggelarkan diri sebagai Islam seperti Raja Petra ini.” Source:Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO

Besides what I have put here, he has insulted Raja Petra in many other ways, with nasty comments on his personal side which I find is uncalled for. What I don’t understand is where is the government when such racial,seditious comments are made against not only a person but the religion that many of our Malaysian are devoted to. Why don’t you arrest this people for inciting racial sentiments and insulting Christianity? Doesn’t such articles threaten our so call harmony?

I think the website shouldn’t be call Kelab Penyokong UMNO but instead Kelab Menghina RPK as most of their postings revolve around insulting RPK. I don’t personally know RPK but I feel that such remarks,comments, articles directed towards him is uncalled for, if you claim then he is spreading lies prove it, but instead you stoop low in insulting him each day using foul words. If indeed he is not telling truths why are you bothered so much that he will influence other Malay, they can think for themselves. They should do not need people like you who curse an insult other’s religion and beliefs. As far as I know, no where in Islam practice or beliefs does it state about insulting someone else’s religion, please know your place. Your living in Malaysia if you think you can’t live in a multi-racial society and respect other people you can pack your bags and leave to some island far far away! This are the sort of people the instigate events and occurrences like May 13.

  1. Dr.P. Vanaja says:

    I find the statements made by that umno club downright insulting to all Chriatians and all Malaysians who respect their own intelligence. It is cause for racial disharmony and those responsible should be hauled up. All right thunking Malaysians should know where to put their vote. I am not suprised at their behaviour after that unforgivable act of slaughtering cows and goats in the grounds of Parliament House, throwing caution to the winds and stamping on the cultural sensitivities of Hindus and Buddhists.

  2. rajawali says:

    huh…. http://www.kpmu.net has done a great job. dont twist and turn what ever they are trying to say about raja petra,

  3. cherwith says:

    Well rajawali I did not twist and turn, everyone can see for themselves what is written, no worries you are entitled to your opinion and so am I, if you feel that way so be it 🙂

  4. amal says:

    kpmu people are the lowest level of the malays.. so, don’t worry too much about their intelligence. i mean, i don’t know if they even have brains to rationalize things.

    it’s funny how KPMU turns out to be a bashing-RPK website, with ZERO information but rather name-calling.. i guess, that’s all that they are capable of. name-calling and insults because they can’t bloody deny the fact that UMNO is a fully-corrupted party with Muhammad2x as a Chief who is a disgrace to the Malays.

    I’m a Malay but I’m disgusted with those bloody idiots.

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