Now Everyone Can Fly!!! Air Asia serves the disable too-Finally!!!

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

In late July, 40 protester staged a protest against Malaysia Airport Holidays to make provision for disabled passengers which was soon followed suit by a protest again budget carrier Air Asia by the Barrier-free Environment and Accesible Transport Group (Beat) as it did not have facilities so that disabled people could board its flight. Carrying signs with Air Asia famous slogan, “Now everyone can fly except us” , they went there to prove their point and fight for their rights. I’m truly proud of them.(Hopefully we can learn a thing or two about fighting for our rights from them)
According to Peter Tan in his blog posting <“Peter Tan’s Posting on this issue”>

And each time I contacted the call centre, I was told: ‘If you can’t walk. then we can’t take you. It is company policy’,’ he said.

Mr Tan, who is Beat’s assistant co-ordinator, said the AirAsia operator at the call centre informed him that if he could not manage the steps of the airplane by himself, he had to bring someone along to help him.

‘Even so, it will still be impossible for us as our carer can’t possibly carry us onboard,’ Mr Tan added.

In responds to this AirAsia Group Chief Executive Office Dato’ Tony Fernandez after a meeting with 6 representatives from various NGOs informed them that he would ensure that barriers or conditions that prevent disabled person would be removed.

Today I hear extremely good news!!! A report by <“Malaysiakini”>today said that in 3 months time, the carrier would be able to provide access to the disable. Thus finally the slogan”Now everyone can fly” applies to all citizens of Malaysia. Good work has to be credited towards the Barrier-free Environment and Accessible Transport Group (Beat) that fought for their rights!!! Finally they got what they actually deserved, the ability to fly just like everyone else.


Now EVERYONE can fly!!!!

  1. Peter Tan says:

    Err… pending the arrival of the ambulifts, disabled persons still have to be carried up the plane stairs if they want to fly with AirAsia. I am not popping my champagne yet until I can truly get into the plane without being carried. But yes, Dato’ Fernandez gets my highest accolade for his quick response in addressing this issue. If only the government is as sensitive, disabled persons would not be in the position we are in now – ignored, marginalised and discriminated.

  2. cherwith says:

    Yeah, perhaps it’s been too optimistic but I say let’s have some FAITH. Let’s see how Dato’ Fernandez will make this work!

    What you think Peter?

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