Is Pak Lah losing his ground with the Chinese Community?

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

According to <“Malaysiakini”> report at around 8pm today, the Malaysian Chinese community has to a certain extent lost some hope in the administration of Pak Lah reporting only about 54% of them (Merdeka Center Survey)supporting Pak Lah. Hmmm I can’t belief people still caya with the administration with the sluggish economy-petrol hikes increasing every other time…among other things……..but some sort of change is better than nothing. I think there is a need for strong opposition in the country, so that there is some sort of check and balance, but whether that will happen this elections??? I really doubt it..but you never know, there are so many new comers to the opposition, famous no doubt but does the rural people know them??

I really thought Pak Lah’s administration would be different, with his massive image campaign “Work with me not for me”(did i get that right?) But I don’t see any truths in that since he took over as a PM. Most of the campaign like “Tak Nak” have been unsuccessful. But Pak Lah administration is more or less the same thing so instead of change from Mahatir tenure it is more like continuity.

He continues to control the media-despite speculated changes under his administration to such massive control, manages news output, curbs diversity of voices debates on policy matters.If I did vote I do not know how I would vote for but it’s definitely not for more of the same thing if you get what I’m saying.

The worst is allowing those people like Kelab Peyokong Maya UMNO<“Malaysia Today report on this”> to instigate racial/religion sentiments by insulting Christianity and defaming people.

Pak Lah said this on freedom of speech;

He said the government had never marginalised any minority group or religion whether in the peninsula or in Sabah and Sarawak. Abdullah said the Malaysian government was unique as it had representatives from the various races and religions.

So what’s up with Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO if the government doesn’t marginalize on smaller groups in Malaysia why allow and continue to allow them to be seditious to RPK and compromise racial harmony with their racist remark that incite racial/religion sentiments?

  1. Jonathan says:

    sometimes, you just don’t need an election victory to proclaim you as the rightfull winner, because even osama himself still declare that he still never lose to the the US, despite the US has reasonably pacify the situation and its well broadcast throughout the media.

  2. Mat Merah says:

    There seems to be a hodge-podge of issues here from the Tak Nak campaign to KMU that I think one needs to be clear what is apparently wrong with Pak Lah and Malaysia.

    While I am sure that the Chinese support for Pak Lah is indeed dropping, I don’t think the opposition – with some apparently popular personalities – can capitalise on it.

    Because they are still disunited and just look to getting a place in parliament to ask questions. I would think we need smarter opposition that can make a difference or work towards solutions not just ventilating their frustrations.

    As for fuel price, its way cheaper than what it should be. We should press for lower car prices or get real wages and pay real prices as there is too much protection and subsidies in Malaysia.

    Is the economy sluggish? Last I checked, nope! Growth is within expectations and the real estate is booming, vehicle sales are up in Q3 etc. Cite me where it is sluggish!

    Tak Nak campaign was a Mahatir-era effort to enrich cronies and not a concerted move to stub out the habit.

    Media controls, well I have to agree with you but heck, we have the Internet, no? Not that all of us are online but its growing and the powers-that-be can’t oppress us.

    As for KMU, well don’t you think the net should be free from censorship? Or is there selective application of such ideals?

    Just lodge a report against them if they transgress the law. Stop griping and do something about it.

    Have a good weekend in Malaysia.

  3. Urban Cowboy says:

    I think the economy is not well for the middle income group and the Govt servants. The high income and rich makes a lot of money from blue chip shares rising, good oil palm prices and rising high end real estate. Like they said money makes money. Talk to any working rakyat and ask how much bonus and pay hike they got over the last few years. Bet that whatever they got, couldnt even offset the rising petrol , toll charges etc. Look at how many struggled to pay off credit card charges , cars installments, housing loans, school fees etc every month and you will get the real picture. Without the recent pay hike, I am sure many Govt servants would not be able to service their commitments. Many of us have not got the pay hike to commensurate with the ever incresing daily expenses. Look at the shares market, most of the retailers are not in as they are still trying recover their losses while the preperators got away easily. On top of that, rising crimes mainly indicated that people can’t survive. What this Govt has done is basically camouflaging the problems. I think the Chineses are not alone in distrusting AAB, I am sure the urbans malays and indians are feeling the effects of empty promises again and again.

  4. darick says:

    y DrM choose pak lah? most m’sian believe that he was chosen b’cos DrM thought this lembik lembik guy is easier to be his puppet & this puppet is easier to control. Y he’s easier to control? b’cos he got less support as compare to najib & muyidin in umno! but DrM has over look his SIL of this lembik guy! so, this lembik guy has been control by his stupid SIL rather than by DrM….! so, DrM pun naik anginlah…..!

  5. cherwith says:

    Well the thing is that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of expression or speech in this matter so when Pak Lah goes warning us about freedom of speech I expect that when he says racial instigation, anything that causes disharmony etc is not allowed, action will be taken blah blah,,defamation blah blah….then it shouldn’t just apply to certain parties. Get what I mean? If no censorship…im all up for that but the thing is such an idealistic situation doesn’t exist. Well fuel prices, compared to other countries ya perhaps we are cheaper but I still belief that the price many times a year is uncalled for, some people can barely pour petrol for their car. Economy might not be in crisis and might not affect the middle classes(although I feel it really does for some)but the other groups of society are suffering due to all this and besides the civil servants(whom just surviving-) who else got a pay rise. Pay is decreasing as years go by, those days when you come out with a degree, you can earn 2.5 at least 2. Now be happy if you can even get between 1.2-1-5 if your lucky. I belief the person who is benefiting from the economy would be those Up there….Talking about the media…well sad to say they could shut us down but of course with grave consequences. Talking about KMU, it’s not about griping, I’m airing out how I feel about double standards that continue to exist in the country. The last police report made against defamation with case of Pak Lah, what happen with that? You think they would bother about KMU? i DOUBT IT…so here I am..blogging, the next best avenue 🙂

  6. […] Is Pak Lah losing his ground with the Chinese Community? According to report at around 8pm today, the Malaysian Chinese community has to a certain extent lost some hope in the […] […]


    i do not know whether or not the chinese hv lose hope on him.
    bt i sure hope they havent…& they wont.
    because from what i see,he offers something that we hv overlooked all this while.
    he stressed that out during the umno asssembly.
    its sumthing dt msians need to keep living.
    we achieved merdeka cz msians swallowed their ego
    & pulled themselves together
    then only they succeeded in gaining merdeka.

    lets just give this pm of ours a chance
    to prove himself.
    & look @ ECER
    dts gud news 4 our economy.
    seeing how many foreign investors widening their market into our country.
    give pak lah a chance

  8. cherwith says:

    Well I think Pak Lah had his chance…his term gave him a good many years to prove to the citizens that he indeed can lead our country well. But with temples being demolished, demands of the people being completely ignored…I doubt he has done much. He can stress about unity all he wants but if he does not live up to what it stands for what is the point of stressing? Prosperity economically isn’t enough for Malaysia, we need to prosper in other areas too.Please tell me what he offers? If he claims to offer unity..I do not see any show of it besides the occasional publicity stunt to show us that he really cares when in fact I think he doesn’t. What has he or his party done for Malaysia which is significant enough for us to give him another chance?

  9. WJ says:

    pak lah is good in talking those decorative words. All sound beautiful, but where is the action? “Talk to me” he said after bar council rally, but why he don’t listen to BERSIH and HINDRAF? accordign to HINDRAF, they had wrote many letters to pak lah, but no reply, why?

    However, with the support from rural area, i think he will still win the election easily.

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