Chasing Resident out of their home count as having independence?Merdeka=Malaysia?

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

<“KTEMOC”> says;
27 days to 50 year as a sovereign nation and what has Malaysia to show? Well, we are just about to see senior citizens from Bukit Jalil estate-citizens who have made homes out of houses given to them more than 50 years ago when they were brought in to work as rubber tapper-being evicted.”

Read more on these residents at <“Malaysiakini”>

Isn’t that really sad, not even a month away from Merdeka and we see such instances showing us how MERDEKA of country really is…..Sigh…what is there to say as the days go by I lose my mood to even celebrate Merdeka. What’s the point of celebrating independence just to show the world we are Merdeka when truth be told we are not even close to being a country which has independence as we have shown no holistic development after 50 years.Yeah tall building, highest in the word blah blah…it that all…you can give to Malaysia?

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