Why Malaysia is not Merdeka?

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

To be honest I could go on and on about why Malaysia is not Merdeka but I shall stop at 50 reason that it lacks the foundation and features of Merdeka.

1. ISA + OSA

2. Ability to detain without trail as their whims and fancies

3. Those selected lazy people who do nothing but hang about the department, eat, hang about again (most often sighted in government departments)

4. Discrimination of color and beauty (people are hired only when you match a certain criteria of beauty and color in certain industries despite your knowledge/abilities)

5. Discrimination in university application-the quota systems-yes it still exists “merit system reproduction of the same old thing, look at the Form 6 results it explains a lot…

6. Discrimination of race( by politicians, a lot of companies(especially in Penang)

7.Use of laws and regulations in the country as their whims and fancies(ISA,OSA, Defamation,Penal Code etc)

8. Sexist/Idiotic remarks by politicans ( bocor comment, china maid issue, women get raped because they dress sexily issue)

9. The tak peduli attitude by some Malaysians

10. Road hogger/Road bullies

11.Ability of transport companies to delay their routes just because they can and put proudly on their tickets we are not responsible for any changes to time and schedules of travel-as if to say we will do as we like,we are not responsible if we are late, delayed-why the hell should we care…no responsibility, no sense of duty.

12. Bureacuracy (things never get done fast)

13. System of education from primary till university (some universities). Spoon-fed system/Robot capabilities

14. Lack of emphasis on English language(giving birth to college students who write English like Standard 1,2,3)

15. Stifling of traditional media through ownership and power

16. Myth of Bill of Guarantees

17. Un-holistic development of the country

18. Lousy Internet connection

19. Low Internet penetration in non-urban areas

20. Corrupt politicians.

21.Inability of some Malaysian to look beyond race/religion

22. Academics who use grants for other reason besides academic

23. KL traffic congestion

24. Penang errant drivers (some)

25. Building plans of condo/apartment that are approved without looking at safety guideliness

26. Government assuming that the rakyat is ignorant, stupid and unable to filter between right and wrong

27. Lack of alternative media in traditional media

28. Decrease/Lack of quality academic staff in local/private universities and colleges

29. Money over academic quality practices in many private colleges

30. Marketing over academic research in private colleges.

31.Racially segregated political parties

32. Disregard for basic human rights

33. Some police that cannot be trusted to serve and protect

34. Politics for profit rather than politics for rakyat

35.Discrimination against Fresh graduates(Lack/given No EPF/SOSCO/ Low Pay)

36.Lack of transparency in voting systems

37. Lack of transparency in giving scholarships

38. Stifling of blogger’s rights

39. Name-calling/defamation by Khairy

40. Young people are lead by people like Khairy(sad but true)

41. Work with me not for me by PM that doesn’t prove true

42. Lack of focus by government on issues that effect the minorities and less privileged groups

43. Permits for events declined at their whims and fancies

44. Bias media coverage during, before and after elections

45. “No one is above the law” lie- (e.g report against PM-no actions taken)

46. Slow reaction of police in time of need (personal experience)

47.Proud declaration of being multi-racial, of being in harmony when in indeed such a situation is not apparent

48. The reason for celebrating Merdeka has been swayed

49. Frequent increase/hike of petrol prices

50. Low wages for high skilled work

The views/opinions mention in this post is the personal opinion of Ms.Cherwith. You can agree or disagree with me that is you right as it is mine to air out such dislikes.

  1. smchan says:

    i refer to no.39, you should write: Name-calling/defamation by a monkey named Khairy

  2. cherwith says:

    hahahha…..I should but I won’t ….:)

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