Khairy@ Monkey-boy: Insults Anwar and Threatens Party Components

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Khairy@ the monkey boy does it again! He pulled a Khairy!

Some would think that the young man would learn from his idiotic comments and stupid outburst but he cease to amaze me with his stupidity and idiosyncrasies. Today he labeled Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a traitor to the Malay cause.

Anwar is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to,” he told a state Umno Youth gathering on Wednesday night.

This monkey boy labeled Anwar a traitor as he wanted to do away with the NEP one of the proud policy of the countries that further advances racism but the government failed to realize this. He further added crap to his utter nonsense by claiming it was a ploy by Anwar to get support of the non-Malays.In one of my encounters with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim he told me that NEP is a great plan but it did not benefit the poor Malays as it should have and he further added that there were also non-Malays who were poor and needed such help under NEP. I belief that monkey boy is very racist, his following statement below emphasis how “truly Malaysian he is”.

“The (coming) general elections is not about politics but the future of the Malays.”


So I ask you Khairy…if the coming general elections is not about politics and about the future of Malays what then happens to all of us who are not Malays? Will be be pushed to the sidelines? Don’t we matter? Aren’t we suppose to be Malaysian? Then why do you only fight or pursue justice for only one race when you should be pursuing justice for all as Malaysia is suppose to be a democratic country and you talk about sensitivities when you have no clue what it is all about as you spit out nonsense each single time from your mouth not aware of what is happening and about others besides your petty wars and agenda.

Khairy@ monkey-boy acts as though he is the ruler of the country making sweeping statements putting down ultimatum to others such as his statement saying that “there should be no more statements from any Barisan Nasional component party leaders concerning demands for extra seats for the parties. ” Who the hell do you think you are Khairy? Power-sharing consensus? Are you blind? How can be considered sharing when you BN dictates everything, its more like Dictatorship.

Umno Youth will not accept threats from the component parties that they will leave the Barisan if they fail to get additional seats,” he said, in an apparent reference to the People’s Progressive Party’s request for more seats in the coming general election,

OOOOhh all of us are shaking…..we are dead scared of you Khairy, for you have spoken…HAHHAHhaha….how is it a threat when parties demand to be recognized considered equal? Power sharing concept remember? Oh have you forgotten already?

“That’s unfair and it’s not the Barisan style. We always share and discuss, and we make compromises.

What is unfair is that people like you are heading the UMNO Youth or any kind of youth….What is unfair is that you expect compromise when you dish out nothing but prejudices ..racial sentiments….and statement that divide Malaysians on a daily basis….You do not want to share or discuss you want things your way!
You are not sedia gempur but sedia gaduh for everything which doesn’t fit your honky-dory version of how Malaysia and its people should be!

I challenge you Khairy bring it on..But I don’t think you understand the meaning of fair-play…do you have a conscience?do you care for people of Malaysia? If you remember careful the country’s name is not Malay its Malaysia…so if you want to put up a fight, fight for Malaysian..or boleh belah..hide under some tempurung for you are not worthy enough to talk about Malaysia when you do not have a clue what is Malaysia and who are her people. Stop instigating racial sentiments.

Please read Malaysiakini’s posting on:Attack on Anwar: KJ ‘parroting’ Dr M

for more insight into this issue…

Me signing off very pissed….

  1. maha toyo(l) says:

    khairy, ada projek tak bagi aku, aku miskin ni, tapi aku boleh bagi undi

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