(+) Can I find 50 things I love about Malaysia?

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Well, here it is as I promised……….What I love about Malaysia, sorry I really got to think…

1.I love the variety of food (especially Penang)

2. Where else can you get food 24-hours a day?

3. I love P.Ramlee(talented actor/singer etc)

4. I love those days movies P.Ramlee times ( so classic/high quality)

5. No Internet censorhip (oops sorry I forgot:Bill of Guarantees is a myth)

5. Education is still quite cheap in the local universities(that’s if you are lucky to get in because of their racial quota )

– oops, trying to be positive

6. I can walk down the street without getting mugged (doesn’t apply anymore with snatch thief)

6. The weather is nice (hot anytime better than Cold as Ice)

7. My family lives in Malaysia(does that count?)

8. Malaysian people are naturally nice

9. Beaches +nature (minus the muddy beaches etc)

10. Malaysia’s rich history

11. Blend of cultures

12. More brave Ministers like Bernard Dompok

13. I love to get-together during Raya, Diwali and X-mas, Hari Gawai

12. I love the people from Sabah/Sarawak they are surprisingly more open/less race conscious

13. I love being able to travel around, come back at wee hours of the morning safely(so far lah)

14. I love the fact that we can live within a stones throw of each other(all sorts of races)-heard from a fren in the US that people live segregated in most areas-black one area.whites another.

15. I love the fact that I can cycle around my hometown and kindda know everyone-seriously everyone(lols..but I guess ti only happens in small towns)

16. I love the diversity that exists

17. I love the complexity of being a Malaysian

18. I love just passing by the Penang bridge makes me feel melancholic (no idea why)

19. I love my dogs, even the ones which have passed on (ehhehe…does that count-they are malaysian what!!!lol)

20. I love the creative artsy people of Malaysia, unique in their own way

21. I love our local tv commercial beats most others overseas (seen some in Australia..think we are better off)

22. I love being able to afford to have a car(but is becoming increasingly difficult with the petrol increasing every other time!!!)

23. I love being able to see trees, greenery surrounding me (but its kindda evaporating as we speak-Penang is losing her charm slowly)

24. I love that I can have internet access( even if those goons take forever to install it and not ally Malaysian are privileged to have access)

25. I love local Malaysian bands, they have spunk (Pop Shuvit, Frequency Cannon,Dejavu, DragonRed- sumtin like tht,K-town Clan,Poseidon,-although i hate them sum times but they do have talent!-

26. I love Ning Baizura and Jackyln Victor’s voice they brings richness to Malaysia’s vocal scene

27. I love Actors Studio- truly malaysian

28. I love the quite town of Teluk Intan

29. I love the peace and serenity that Taiping has to offer

30. I love KL clubbing scene, so full of live and lights n people

31. I love to see mix marriages, the beauty of 2 more culture intertwined

32. I love MyAsylum merdeka poster!!!!

33. I love that Haris Ibrahim is bothering to organizing a true Merdeka celebrations for all of us

34. I love that people like Nathaniel Tan can be so brave in times of crisis and stay strong

35. I love that Malaysian blogger are willing to speak up for what they believe in!!!

36 . I love Ramly Burger anytime!!!! compared to McDonalds (hehehe)

37. I love Mob’s Crib’s posters/grafik/design…its way cool

Sadly I could not find 50 reason to love Malaysia if I come up with anything I will definitely update his list now to start off my other list heheheh 50 things I hate about Malaysia…

  1. Mahendran says:

    haha, i love Roti canai, the beatiful toll-paying highways 🙂

    and of course…Siti nurhaliza!

  2. QuaChee says:

    Hi there. This is a cool post from you 🙂

    I am publishing a new book, and would like to do a short mini interview with you on visiting during open house. Is that possible? 🙂

    PS: If it’s ok, you can email. me. Thanks.

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