Bernard Dompok’s Brave Statement Not Heard or Blocked Out???

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Yesterday I proudly wrote a piece on Bernard Dompok whom I though deserved the applaud and encouragement for going all the way saying, I repeat!!! for saying;

I think my colleagues in the government will forgive me for saying that I will not agree that we are an Islamic state.For all intents and purposes, I think Malaysia was not meant to be an Islamic state.I think people that I know would be very unhappy if this type of thing persists,” adding that Malaysians would have to contend with the issue for the time being.”

(Reported via <“malaysiakini”>

But according to <“What a Lulu”>,who did a Malaysiakini today (lolz…good one Lulu!) the mainstream press like The Sun(thought you fare better as you are more critical..but alas i was wrong), NST, The Star covered the event proudly but kindda missed the big picture,conveniently I might add!Missed the big news, the statement of the year for a Menteri. How could they miss it? Were they blind to it? Did their masters take the “you see what I want you to see” and “you write what I want you to write” approach with these journalist who represent these newspapers? The worse of among all these newspapers was the Malay dailies, Berita Harian and Utusan which were probably asleep on the job or something as they didn’t even find it relevant to report on.

It is a sad day for the mainstream press, but then again isn’t everyday?Why bother reporting if you are going to report half-heartedly and selectively I ask? I know for a fact that reports do not fancy bloggers much. (probably because of statements such as this)

Anyway there is an update on the report today in <“Malaysiakini posting Kudos to Bernard,Who Dares Next?”>

From the looks of how it was reported by mainstream press I wonder if anyone would actually know what he said besides those avid Malaysiakini readers or blog enthusiast whether readers or bloggers themselves. Who dares next? I would really like to see who would actually dare? I guess they probably would not take any action against Bernard Dompok as they didn’t even “SEE/HEAR” what he had to say on purpose I guess, instead they chose to ignore him but we sure didn’t!!! I salute dear Bernard and who knows maybe just maybe he would have sparked something among the Ministers he is close to, most unlikely but there is always hope…....Keepin’ ma’ fingers crossed!!Hope it doesn’t get twisted in the process….


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