In the Spirit of the MERDEKA month

Posted: August 2, 2007 in Malaysian Blogosphere, Personal ramblings, Society

As you all probably know from my post I’m not the most optimist person in the world even though I try very hard to be because it kindda sucks when your negative about almost everything(of course it doesn’t help that system is screwed up 🙂 ) So I though why not to balance all this negativity with some post on why I do love Malaysia sometimes, but of course it won’t be complete without Why I do hate Malaysia sometimes posts. (Hahahha… I just had to!)

All in the spirit of Merdeka and just to spark of that spirit let me show you a poster that one of the bloggers created, its really cool and sure beat flying the flag around (lolz) courtesy of
<“My Asylum”>;


<“Merdeka Poster”>

For those of you still who do not know bloggers are getting together for a true Merdeka gathering with Malaysians, read

<“Haris Ibrahim’s”Dare to Dream:One People One Nation”>

  1. zorro says:

    In fact we kick-off a meeting with Haris tomorrow on Merdeka do at the National Press Club around 8/9pm. We have identified 25 August for the gathering at All-Blog House, 66 Lorong Setiabistari 2, Damansara Heights.

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