Bloggers Meet With Raja Petra Cancelled Due to Waging War on Bloggers

Posted: August 2, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

As most of you already know there was supposed to be a bloggers meet at 3pm this Saturday “An Evening With Raja Petra” but has since been canceled due to possible attacks from “you know who” .Who will possibly try to make it a point to shut Malaysia Today for good because this so call meet caused racial tension, disharmony etc the common gimmick used by the government to shut down/remove/eliminate anything against its command/anything that defies its existence/its power.

According to <“RPK of Malaysia Today”>

It seems certain unknown and irresponsible elements are planning to invade the event and create a ruckus which will then be used as an excuse to declare that Malaysia Today is attempting to start chaos with intentions to bring down the government.”

I wonder what is happening to this country, they will find any reason, ANY REASON mind you to clampdown on you no matter the good your doing, no matter …..just say that they can have their say. Enough is enough! I think they are going to suffer badly in the next election due to their coercive tactics.

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tangga” (baik kau ingat..!!)

– Hope I got that right…lolz..been a long time since I used all this peribahasa/perumpamaan. My Malay is a bit  rusty!!

  1. anthraxxxx says:

    True. No matter how great and mighty an empire is, they will fall some day. But wait, was Malaysia a GREAT empire to begin with?

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