A Man of Courage- Bernard Dompok speaks up on Islamic State Issue

Posted: August 2, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

I’ve not been proud with anything related to the government, ANYTHING. Until of course I read <“Malaysiakini”> today that lift my spirits up. It was a report on a man of courage, a man willing to speak up on what he belief in.Finally a true man in the government.

According to <“Malaysiakini posting “Minister Breaks Rank On Islamic State”>, Bernard Dompok a senior(at least his seniority proves his wisdom unlike the rest) cabinet minister argued that the nation’s founders did not have an Islamic state in mind when the Federation of Malaya was founded in 1963.

I wonder what took Bernard so long to react on this issue…hmmm.

I think my colleagues in the government will forgive me for saying that I will not agree that we are an Islamic state,”

“For all intents and purposes, I think Malaysia was not meant to be an Islamic state,”

“I think people that I know would be very unhappy if this type of thing persists,” adding that Malaysians would “have to contend with the issue for the time being.”

Echoing <“”Lulu”>I’d too like to scream More heroes!,one more hero! but I dread to think what happens to poor Bernard for BN as Lulu said will not be quiet and they will trample all over him like a beast for his brave statement. But I guess Bernard has one advantage, he has us by his side now. So people of the blogosphere, do your thing. Spread the news, Bernard deserves the coverage due to his bold move (better late than never right?)

Damn, we need more BERNARDS!!!!

  1. yh says:

    just like Dr Toh of Gerakan, bye bye to his political career. BN tolerates no dissent and the party whip will be used to good effect for those that dont toe the line.
    Bernard, my salute to you.

  2. zorro says:

    This Bernard will stand by Bernard Dompok. BD will sacrifice his cabinet position and stand by his conviction, you bet.Dont bet on the others though.

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