Will Chin Peng return to Malaysia?

Posted: August 1, 2007 in human rights, Personal ramblings, Society

Chin Peng filed his first home-coming case for himself and 300 veteran communist in the Penang High Court in March,2005 but since has not had any response from the government in their own defense on his coming back despite a row by the some Malaysians that detested his return. According to the letters and spirit of the Peace Accords signed between the government and Communist Party of Malaya CPM on 2 December, 1989 in Hadyai he should by right be allowed entry into the country as many other who were formerly CPM members so why hasn’t he been allowed to come back in to Malaysia. His lawyer on behalf of Chin Peng threatens to take his case to the International Court of Justice and European Court of Justice.

According to Article 3 of the Administrative Arrangments Between the Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya to Terminate Hostilities which is generally known as one of the two crucial parts of the 1989 Peace Accords, the government shall allow members of CPM and members of its disbanded armed units to settle down in Malaysia, if they desire to do so.”

“Article 3.1 categorically states that “Members of the Communist Party of Malaya and members of its disbanded armed units, who are of Malaysian origin and who wish to settle down in Malaysia, shall be allowed to do so in accordance with the laws of Malaysia”. Article 4 further stipulates that: “With regard to Article 3, the Malaysian authorities shall assist members of the Communist Party of Malaya and members of its disbanded armed units in order to help them to start their peaceful life afresh”

Source:<“James Wong”>

Read <“James Wong”> for more information

The last I heard of this issue is a news piece by <“Malaysiakini”> today afternoon that states that the government of Malaysia wants him to produce his birth certificate and citizenship papers before he proceeds to take any legal action.

“The Kuala Lumpur High Court has ordered former communist guerrilla leader Chin Peng to prove his citizenship as part of his legal battle to return home after 46 years in exile.”

Source:<“Malaysiakini”>Is this another tactic of the government to delay his rightful home-coming? Hmm….it just fails to baffle me the way our government deals with issues. Everyone knows who Chin Peng is and that he is indeed a Malaysian, what is there to question? Let’s forgive him (doesn’t all our religions tell us to forgive) and let the old man return to his homeland.


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