Self Censorship? Haven’t We Been Doing that All our Lives?

Posted: August 1, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Today our great Deputy Internal Security Minister, Datuk Fu Ah Kiow finally got his spot in the news through yet another form of <“advice”>to bloggers. I would suggest that the blogging community should set up a workshop and invite all the Ministers and “orang-orang yang ingat mereka bijak” to come for this workshop. The blogging community should really truly give them an education on blogging which they are very ignorant about after all ignorance breeds contempt.

From blogger being mostly women who lie, called monkeys,gobloks among other ‘nicknames’ now Datuk Fu is telling us that we shouldn’t sensationalize issues and exercise self-censorship. Come on we aren’t the mainstream newspapers our blogs hardly make any money and some of us do not even have ads in our blogs. We blog because we love to (most of us which have been the target anyway) and people read our blogs if they want to its their right, to click or not to click. Nobody asked nobody to read my blog, its my home!!! (echoing Raja Petra’s <“Get Out”> posting today)

By the way Datuk Fu, yesterday the Education Minister wanted students to think out of the box but today you want me to go into the box. Which one? Can’t you guys make up your minds? You want us students to think out of boxes but you remain in the box means …sigh.. You want us to be open-minded, have creative thinking, think beyond just now and here but when we question anything you slap us with the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) especially if we go against your doctrine. So please just keep quiet and refrain from saying things you do not belief in. Furthermore you hassle our poor university lecturers who have brains that can overtake you anytime hands down, those smart men and women who think out of the box and teach us so much more than text-book stuff and you slap them with the same Act. The worse thing is that this people are actually adults, earning their own money and you are dictating to them how and what to do!!! As <“Malaysiakini”> said,

It is an irony that our Education Ministry aspires to develop our future generations to have the intellectual capability to think out of the box but on the other hand, we have totalitarian regimes in the public universities that do not practice what they preach.”

Look at <” DR AZLY DISMISSAL”> for instance he apparently needs to stop talking about it because UUM doesn’t want him too. You gag the students and their lecturers how the hell do you expect us to think out of the box? Everything is not allowed unless I’m praising the government. Double standards is what I call it! Our lecturers and all of us students are adults the government should dictate to us how we should think, what we should write or what political parties we should support that is our right as individuals.

You want to censor ourselves from speaking our mind? Haven’t we been doing that from our kindergarten days right up till our universities days (not by choice of course since most of us are bound by the AUKU Janji)? You want us to censor till the day we die. Why both running a government and having society? Why not manufacture robots and govern them instead then you can program them to think whatever you wish and do as you like?

Datuk Fu said Government did not wish to restrict freedom on the Internet. Hello! Mr.Fu or sorry Datuk ,datuk! Where the hell have you been, do you not read the newspapers? Oh the government does not want to restrict freedom that s why there are news going on about forming cyberpolice, using all sorts of act on the Internet despite the Bill of Guarantees, the formation of a new act is considered to detain with no trial…..Please don’t tell me your blind to that?………………!

TO make matters even worse you ask me to show my patriotism by flying the Malaysian flag. But first can you tell me what it represents? What is being Malaysian?I still feel like a foreigner in my own country as I’m treated as such so why don’t you go fly your flag as for me there is no point putting a show so people know I love my country…no point of me waving a flag about being Malaysian when I do not even know if that concept truly exist!


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