Will Police ACT on Police Report Against PM,PakLah???

Posted: July 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

Why this this particular police report makeS any difference? If it was just a police report by an individual/commoner it would be so easy to dismiss it? After all who would know if it was squashed- only 2 parties-the one who reported and the one who took the report knows about it. But this is a whole different ball game altogether, now we have a police report highly publicized by none other than the Malaysian Blogosphere, alternative on-line media: among others that puts it in the limelight with no chance of squashing or eliminating. Yet despite it being a high profile case after all its the PM!!! There should be some sort of news in the traditional media but NADA! Why I wonder??? (the last I checked anyway).Damage control, it sure would not look good if the PM himself had the “rakyat” realize that he too is vulnerable and can be apprehended and is not actually”kebal”.

In <“Malaysiakini’s on Will Cops Haul up PM?”>report today, they question if the PM will even been hauled up over the issue. For all you know it will just be swept under the carpets. But PM has been so strongly emphasizing that no one is above the law and how important it is to be responsible not allow for seditious posting etc. As Malaysiakini stated, “Will it be ignored?”

I guess we will just have to wait and see the outcome of whether he will indeed be called to answer to the said postings on his website, I can’t wait to see the outcome of this!!! Will it be a case of double standards??Is left to be seen…

p.s: Don’t forget <“Malaysia Today”> in its report of this issue has call upon fellow bloggers to give support to Pak Lah if he is indeed hauled as he is too a blogger(Keep that in mind!). Oh ya and apparently THE STRAITS TIME has reported on the Police Report Against Pak Lah, read Malaysia Today for more information…

UPDATED :News has even reached;

<“International Herald Tribune”>

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