Police Report Against PM???

Posted: July 30, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy, Malaysian Blogosphere

Can you belief that? A police report was made against our great Prime Minister, I wonder what our former Prime Minister has to say about this…hmm Didn’t change any reports from the mainstream newspapers that I can comprehend that is, perhaps there is news on this in the Chinese or Tamil newspapers but so far I haven’t been able to find any. Perhaps the government things if they pretend the report was not done, it will probably just go away.

According to <“Malaysia Today on Report Against PM”>, a police report was made against PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi concerning seditious posting in the website of the PM of Malaysia and has been on the website since 14 November 2005. This was revealed through a blog posting of James Wong under his blog Clare Street.Malaysia Today calls on all bloggers to go the Damansara Utama Police Station on Wednesday to show support and solidarity to our PM as he can be regarded as a fellow blogger/website owner himself.

The blogging community has always maintained a non-partisan stance in the spirit that blogging cuts across all political boundaries.”- which I totally agree with since bloggers do not take sides!!!

Read on for more information here: <“Malaysia Today on Report Against PM”>

<“Malaysiakini on Police Report Against PM”>has also reported on this vital piece of news earlier today below is an excerpt of what <“Malaysiakini”> had to say;

A case of getting a dose of your own medicine? An opposition party files the police report to show the ‘double standards’ in relation to the action taken against several bloggers.”

Malaysia today has written in its postings the alleged postings that is said to be seditious! So please let’s all support the PM as we are afterall bloggers in solidarity PM or not!!! We shall not let this change how we feel despite it being the government who is on the losing side this time…yeah??


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