Bloggers=Goblok=Tolol/Stupid(translation of Bahasa Indonesia)

Posted: July 30, 2007 in Malaysian Blogosphere

As if it not enough that bloggers are being referred to as the people who are causing disharmony in society, stirring up ethnic tension among others…Then yesterday came along the great Khairy, the ‘cikgu’ who begin labeling bloggers as ‘monkeys’ and likening the blogosphere to a jungle. Today, Zam joins in the ranks of the echo chamber with his own version of name-calling with a much cruder and nasty version with ‘goblok’. According to Howsy,’goblok’ is an Indonesian word that when translated means stupid as outlined below;

“Goblok adalah sebuah kata yg artinya Bodoh atau Tolol. Biasanya dipergunakan sebagai ekspresi kemarahan terhadap kebodohan/ketololan seseorang dengan sangat.”

Please read Howsy Blog if you want to understand how clumsy and irrational Zam can be saying things to suit his agenda. Starting from asking for open-mindedness, followed by news on how Blogger are nothing great as their number is too small and revolve around each other-don’t pose a threat, next we have Zam talking on classifying between professional and non-professional and now that he finally snaps he says we are goblok!!!!

As Howsy said, ZAM is clueless. Memang goblok!I second that! Don’t you?

p.s- All of them want to be featured in the limelight.They are so sensitive aren’t they? Calling us monkeys, goblok. I wonder what tomorrow’s newspapers will bring? Perhaps more insults?more name-calling? Eh but we have to be sensitive….

Source: <“Howsy Blog”>


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