News from around the world: Malaysia’s Clampdown on Bloggers

Posted: July 29, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Malaysian Blogosphere

As Malaysia continues to ridicule itself with its rampant campaigning in eliminating the hold on bloggers, the world has taken to capturing the idiosyncrasies of Malaysia’s Policing State of the Blogosphere through its own microscope. Can’t Malaysia see how it’s childish and petty ways to clampdown on Bloggers are ridiculous? Well, what’s there to be said… Like my mum used to say old habits die hard and the government is just used to clamping down on mainstream media that it just can’t help but do the same with the Internet despite the promises of its Bill of Guarantees.Let’s see what the world has to say about Malaysia?? Are we to remain the laughing stock of the world? To learn more read on PM’s take on the whole issue;

<“China Post Reports on Curbing of Bloggers”>

<“Inquirer on Curbing of Bloggers”>

“GMA on Malaysia Curbing Bloggers”>

<“Southeast Asia Press Alliance on Malaysia Bloggers”>

<“Pre-election Crackdown on Bloggers”>

<“Another day, another clampdown”>

<“Malaysia threatens detention without trials for bloggers”>

<“Daily Times Pakistan on Malaysia”>

<“International Herald Tribune on Malaysia Curb on Blogger”>

<“Khaleejtimes Online on Malaysia Leaders Fresh in Warning BLoggers”>

<“Malaysia Summons Political Writer After Call to Behave”>

<“Malaysia Warns Bloggers”>

Need I SAY MORE???


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