Jeff Ooi Taken by DAP???

Posted: July 29, 2007 in Malaysian Blogosphere, Personal ramblings, Society

Not so many days ago there was news circulating around the blogosphere among Jeff following <“Tony Pua”>
steps in joining DAP. Jeff himself blog on such speculations through his posting on <“Singapore paper: ‘Not your father’s DAP'”>. From his postings Jeff Ooi got a variety of comments regarding his question of “you think I should join them?, below are some of the comments;

You think I have a cause to join them? definetly, jeff. you have changed society via your blog.
take it one step further, and change the nation through the parliament. sokong! sokong!”


Hi Jeff,I think you are very effective doing what you are doing right now – as an independent blogger exposing what is wrong without fear or favour.I support DAP’s role as a political party, but the moment you cast your lot with the politicians, then a lot of other partisan “tribal” considerations creep in.”


“Jeff, You should be impartial , taking part in the elections means taking sides. But this is your choice.”


“OK, let me be serious about this.I don’t recommend Jeff to associate with any opposition party at the moment. There are still many people only read newspaper which are pro-BN and pro-UMNO. And it is a known fact that opposition parties and bloggers had been associated with threat to national security. Nobody on the street want trouble by reading blogs that carry threats!For example, when I go to any IT mall which has the PC turned on as demo with Internet access, I will run the browser and go to Jeff’s blog and keep it there. It is one of the way I promote people to visit Jeff’s site. I can even tell the bypass people go read this blog if they haven’t.But I don’t open Kit’s blog on the public.Look, whatever Kit said in his blog, even though it is for the good sake of the country on Good Governance, all had been silently ignored by the ignorant simply because it is considered as “political” blog.But not Jeff’s blog. Jeff is focusing on Good Governance. And Good Governance is not Politics.I just hope Jeff’s stay neutral to any political parties. Jeff can have friends from ANY parties. Good Governance is the focus.”

Patriotic 1994

As stated above many people had different opinions, some said Yes! Join DAP!, some felt he should run as an independent candidate, some felt he just stay away from politics altogether. I too left a comment on this particular post of his which read;

hey jeff I’ve been an avid follower of your blogs for some time now and its good to see the point of view of a person not attached to any particular party or having a particular agenda (realizing that none of us are actually neutral-even if we are not attach to any party)Seeing Tony Pua joining the party and you wondering if you should join them, I guess its up to you but just to ponder on..will being involved in politics as a politician(i know your are involved in politics now this being a very political blogs mostly) change who you are?Most politicians go in the game with good intentions but end up being robots or power-crazy. Just my thoughts”


At the end of the day it is not for me or any blogger to say, it’s up to Jeff to decide whether he joins DAP or not. Whatever he chooses I personally wish him Good Luck and pray that no matter what decision he makes, he stays true to the cause.

You can read <“Blogger Ooi to Join Dap and Contest in Polls”> to get the full story on him joining DAP-how far it is true I have no idea as no confirmation to him joining or not so far. Despite a comment from a blogger, Monsterball on Susan Loone’s blog stating that he has said that the news was true I shall wait for Jeff himself to comment on that.


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