Raja Petra’s Account of 8 hours of interrogation at Dang Wangi

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Malaysian Blogosphere

RPK account of his 8 hours is extremely long so I shall only note down some stuff that he said which I find not only interesting but hilarious! Nothing but a little sarcasm to make my day! Anyway for those who want the full story do visit ‘Malaysia Today’ for an insight to what RPK had to say on his day at Dang Wangi.

A Comedy Of Errors-

The title itself is so funny yet fitting!

“According to the press reports, the police report made against me was with regards to an article I wrote on 11 July 2007 that they regard as insulting the Agong and Islam.

By the way, in case you did not know, Malaysia does not have a king so please stop referring to the Agong as King. Agong does not translate to king. Agong means supreme and it merely means he is the Supreme Ruler of the nine rulers, a sort of ‘first amongst equals’ situation.”
(Round 1: 1-0)

“I asked the police whether these postings-

One was my own posting that said if you insult any race or religion then I would have no choice but to delete your posting and ban you from further posting comments in Malaysia Today. Another was by Indianputra who was appealing to Malaysia Today’s readers not to fight and argue as some people might take advantage of the squabbling and exploit it to divide the races. What we want is a peaceful country, argued Indianputra, so if we engage in a civil manner then we will be able to unite all the races. And so on and so forth.

“…are insulting the Agong, insulting Islam, and are trying to divide the races, or whether they are actually the reverse. The face of the ASP interrogating me turned red as he tried to explain that he was just doing his job and that he was ordered to take my statement. I replied that the person who made the police report is a stupid person who can’t speak English. So what do you expect from someone like that? He can’t even understand comments that are appealing for national unity and instead interpret it as calling for racial strife.”

(Round 1:2-0 )

“They then wanted to know the identity of those who post comments in Malaysia Today’s blogs. I told them I do not know who they are but I do know that amongst them are 25 Umno cyber-troopers headed by Azalina and Norza.

“Azalina?” they asked.

“Yes, Azalina lesbian,” I replied.

“Oh, Azalina Othman.” Apparently they know who I meant by Azalina lesbian.

“I did not say Azalina Othman. I said Azalina lesbian. You are supposed to record everything I say the way I say it. That is what a cautioned statement under Section 112 is all about. Saya kata Azalina lesbian. Bukan Azalina Othman. You record what I say and I will sign the statement.”-

I did find this particular conversation to be a little offensive and prejudice

The second police officer stopped typing and scratched his head with a sheepish grin on his face. “Okaylah, I don’t want you to get into any trouble. Drop the lesbian and change it to Othman.” The second officer continued typing while chuckling. He was certainly enjoying himself”.

(Round1: 3-0)
The four police officers in the room smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. “Can we record this in your statement?”
“Of course you can. The reason I am telling you this is so that you can record it in my statement. I want it on record that Umno is attacking Malaysia Today with 25 cyber-troopers and they are the ones who are posting racial statements. Sometimes they even masquerade as Chinese and whack the Malays and Islam. Then other cyber-troopers would respond and whack the Chinese. The Umno cyber-troopers are the ones behind this racial and religious bashing in Malaysia Today. Then they make a police report alleging that Malaysia Today insults Islam and stirs racial sentiments.”

(Round 1:4-0)

“At the end of the eight-hour interrogation, I asked them whether we are finished and they said yes. “Okay, now I want to make my additional statement,” I informed the police.”

Okay, now I will make that statement. Malaysia Today’s domain name is registered in the UK,” I told the police. When you click on the domain name malaysia-today.net you are sent to the server of the registered IP address in that domain name. Our server is in Singapore. But what you see is only the front page. Then you choose which item on the front page you want to read and you are sent to the blog. The blog sits in the US. When you post a comment it goes straight to the blog. For all intents and purposes, Malaysia Today is a foreign website and not a Malaysian website. We therefore do not come under Malaysian laws.”

(Round 1: 5-0)

This last statement was truly the BoMb!You sure made your point!

“In short,” I summed up. “Your Sedition Act is valid only in Malaysia and not outside Malaysia. So you cannot impose Malaysia’s Sedition Act on Malaysia Today which resides outside Malaysia. I can actually tell you to go to hell and that I will not waste eight hours answering all your questions. But I do not want you to think I am sombong so I was prepared to spend eight hours with you answering all your questions as I know you have a job to do and it is not your fault.


  1. […] Do you think Mrs RPK will have to Endure the same 8hr-Grueling Investigations? What say you? Mrs RPK to be put through the same thing like her husband RPK had to go through when the police summoned him to Dang Wangi not so long ago? I guess they will be trying their best to intimdate RPK by being tough on his Mrs. According to<”Malaysiakini”> today it is confirmed that she has been called regarding the comments and articles that have appeared in Malaysia Today. Perhaps failure to intimidate RPK during Round 1 have left them stressed out and to boost their morales they really need to see if they can win Round 2 and break RPK spirit by hauling in the one he loves for questioning. It’s a good thing RPK is with his Mrs. Hopefully they allowed him to be there, knowing how nasty they can be. Anyway for those of you who are unaware or is wondering what 8 hour drama I was talking back you can refer back here; <”RPK 8hour ordeal”> […]

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