Myth of the Bill of Guarantees: Blocked!!!

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy

According to Yeinjee, has been blocked by the Malaysian government earlier today which looks like a way to combat against Malaysia Today brave postings after the controversial reports were made against them some days back. Apparently they have even stooped as low as blocking the accessiblity of the website from Malaysian IPs.

“I tried accessing MT from an anonymizer, and the site is working just fine. You can access MT from or find other anonymizers from this link.”

Source: Yeinjee

Shadowfax said;

Streamyx/Tmnet has implemented IP filtering at their transparent proxy site.Apparently the streamyx block is just restricted to the normal package. If you’re a corporate streamyx (fixed IP) user, you probably can still access MT. That means a lot of you on home account can no longer access MT.”

  1. James says:

    Both Home & Enterprise Streamyx also blocked.
    Have tried with my Home 88 and two Enterprise SDSL lines at the office. all no go.
    Called them up and was given the pathetic excuse of technical error but the operator who answered at least admitted that they have received MANY reports of on this exact issue.
    forced them to log a report and give me a report number. lets see what happens inthe next 48 hours(TM’s ‘standard’ turnaround time).

    in the mean time, maxis 3g, Umobile, Redtone CNX and TIMEnet have been tested and MT is accessible from these providers.

  2. wakeras says:

    saman TMnet, saman MCMC…malu laaa gomen…lu buat law…lu break the law.

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