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Posted: July 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

After coming out of the police station yesterday, RPK was reported to have told reporters;

I demanded they tell me where I had insulted the King and Islam in the website. They made me sign about 30 or 40 papers and I protested when they asked me to reveal the bloggers who posted comments on”.

“How am I to know who? We have 20,000 news items and five million comments from bloggers coming from 146 countries. Although 70% of these are comments from Malaysians, how are we to know who they are. I don’t know who they are and neither do I want to know.” He alleged that Umno was behind such postings in his website.

“These people are Umno ‘cybertroopers’, there are about 25 of them paid RM2,750 a month to raid and invade They flood my website with about 500 to 600 unwanted and sensitive comments daily and I lose sleep every night cleaning this mess up by deleting them from my site,” he said.

Let’s look at the reactions from other bloggers over RPK issue and introduction of new laws to combat bloggers; from Internal Ramblings;

“But the fact is, such claims lost any validity they had long ago. For decades, our government has been liberally using the ISA on anyone it doesn’t like. It threw politicians and educators into jail for years — and why? Were these men and women plotting acts of terror? Were they in the process of planning a revolution?”

From MageP’s Lab;

“Meanwhile, RPK is now a red hot item among the international press. Initially it was The Associated Press, now even BBC , the technorati #5 Slashdot and one of the world’s most powerful broadcaster Al Jazeera joined the fray too.”

From CIJ;

CIJ is deeply concerned that the government’s tough warning is aimed at spreading fear across the blogosphere, the media industry and the public in the wake of the impending general election. CIJ is suspicious about the government’s obsession with bloggers and the swiftness in considering the use laws like the ISA and Sedition Act.”

More updates later!


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